#1 Family Violence Intervention Program(s) Decatur, Marietta, Atlanta-GA

Family Violence Intervention Program

Domestic violence intervention programs are typically twenty-four-week, state-approved programs in which offenders or self-proclaimed individuals meet in ninety-minute group sessions.

FVIP programs are designed for people who have been accused of assault, violence, domestic violence, and other offenses of this type. People who have not been charged but who know they have a habit or tendency to lose their temper and attack their spouse in any way are also prime candidates for domestic violence intervention programs.

The program is designed to promote non-violence in family and family relationships. There are ways to negotiate and be fair with your partner without controlling them. Over the course of 24 weeks, you will learn how to be a dependable and supportive person for your family or loved one.

For example, knowing how to tell the truth and what to say while telling the truth is one way to become a more dependable person. There are many topics that can be discussed in domestic violence intervention programs, from good parenting to taking responsibility, which is one of the reasons the program can be considered lengthy and inclusive.

With serious talks and regular follow-up, people struggling with domestic violence can receive the appropriate interventions they need to make a difference not only for themselves but also for others.

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