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Drug Class

Drug Class Atlanta

Court and State Approved Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

AA Court Services Classes

Night and Weekend Classes

We exist to solve issues for working adults and professionals.

DUI Class - AA Court Services Classes

Our newest AA Court Services Classes has added a Cognitive Skills Class. It is designed to allow individuals with difficult schedules to make up missed sessions by attending and participate in the therapeutic process.

The purpose of the class is to explore thoughts that led to behavior that may have caused negative consequences and teach new problem solving skills reducing the risk of re-offending. To ensure compliance with all probationary terms and conditions, attendance to these therapeutic group enactment classes is essential. ALL classes are ordered by Judges, Probation Officers, DFCS, EAP, Employers, Doctors and possibly more for various reasons. The goal is to lower recidivism and lower disciplinary infractions.

Shoplifting Classes

Shoplifting and Theft Prevention classes are designed to meet the needs of those who have been accused of shoplifting. Participants are supportively led to identify and understand the issues (e.g., thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes) that caused them to shoplift. Shoplifting and Theft Prevention classes follow a curriculum that assists the clients in developing a better understanding of the social, financial, and personal ramifications of their behavior.

Anger Management Classes

Sometimes, our anger, rage, frustration, violence are caused by serious and challenging issues in our lives.  It is expected to demonstrate a certain degree of anger or disappointment. Sometimes, it’s a healthy, natural response to life’s difficulties.  We are raised to believe we must solve all problems. This can cause our anger to get out of control. Focusing on the present and working towards acknowledging the problem is the first step towards anger management.

Our regular schedule covers, ASAM Level I, Substance Abuse, Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP), Anger Management, DUI and Risk Reduction, Shoplifting, MRT and Cognitive skills.


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