Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Process-Georgia

You must complete an alcohol and drug evaluation Marietta if you are charged with a DUI. This evaluation is conducted by a state-licensed professional to determine if you have a substance use problem and, if so, what level of treatment is necessary. Here’s everything you need to know about the new evaluation process for alcohol and drugs.

  • Evaluation Process

The first step in the alcohol and drug evaluation process is to schedule an appointment with a state-licensed professional. At your appointment, the professional will ask you questions about your drinking or drugging habits and your personal and family history. Based on your answers and the results of the SASSI test, the professional will determine if you have a substance use problem and, if so, what level of care is necessary.

  • Treatment Options

If the professional determines that you have a substance use problem, they will recommend one of three levels of treatment: outpatient, intensive outpatient, or inpatient.

Outpatient treatment requires you to attend weekly therapy sessions and participate in weekly Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Random drug tests will also be needed of you.

Intensive outpatient treatment can be compared to the frequency of going to a meeting for people who have been newly sober. You’ll need therapy sessions every few days, but you will also attend AA/NA meetings two or three times per week so that your mind stays focused on recovery and not addiction alone! You will also be required to take random drug tests more often.

Inpatient treatment requires you to live at a treatment facility for 30 days or more. You will participate in daily therapy sessions and AA/NA meetings during your stay. You will also be subject to regular drug testing.

After completing any level of treatment, you will be required to follow up with your prescribing physician regularly and participate in random drug testing for a period determined by the court. Failure to comply with the terms of your sentence may result in additional penalties being imposed by the court.

If you have been charged with a DUI, it is essential that you understand the new alcohol or drug evaluation Marietta process and what options are available to you should the court find that you have a substance use problem. If you have any questions about this process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an experienced DUI attorney who can help guide you through it.

The new alcohol and drug evaluation decatur process is designed to help those charged with a DUI get the treatment they need for any substance use problems. If you are required to complete an evaluation, it is essential that you understand the process and what options are available to you should the court find that you have a substance use problem. An experienced DUI attorney can help guide you through this process and ensure your rights are protected at every step. Call us at 1-800-683-7745 for more details on evaluations and how to arrange your own, or visit our website at more information.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation- Spot the Signs of Addiction

No one is immune to addiction. It can happen to anyone, at any time, for any number of reasons. Whether you’re struggling with addiction yourself or you’re worried about a loved one, it’s important to be able to spot the signs. Here are some common indicators of someone struggling with a substance abuse problem and how to overcome from alcohol and drug Evaluation in Marietta-Georgia.

  • Changes in Appearance and Hygiene 

One of the first things you might notice if someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol is changes in their appearance and hygiene. For example, they might start neglecting their grooming, wearing dirty clothes, and not bathing regularly. Or, they might start dressing differently, much more casually than they used to.

  • Intoxication at Inappropriate Times 

If you notice that someone is intoxicated at unusual times— like in the middle of the day or early in the morning— this could be a sign that they’re using drugs or alcohol to cope with something. Or, if they’re constantly drinking or using drugs even when they’re not around other people, this could indicate that they’ve developed a dependence.

  • Withdrawal from Family and Friends 

People who are struggling with addiction often withdraw from their families and friends. They might start canceling plans, not returning phone calls, and spending more time alone. This is usually because they’re ashamed of their addiction and don’t want others to know about it. But it can also be a sign that they’re feeling isolated and alone, leading them to use drugs or alcohol even more. It’s the time when you will need help with alcohol and drug evaluation Marietta.

  • Changes in Mood or Behavior 

If you notice someone is acting differently around you— like if they’re suddenly irritable or short-tempered— this could be a sign that something is wrong. Other changes in behavior to look out for include lying, stealing, or neglecting their responsibilities at work or school. These changes can indicate drug abuse and underlying mental health issues like depression or anxiety.

  • Preoccupation with Drugs or Alcohol 

If someone seems preoccupied with drinking or using drugs, to the point where it’s all they ever seem to talk about, this is cause for concern. This preoccupation can manifest in different ways; for example, someone might constantly talk about getting drunk or high, try to hide their alcohol consumption or drug use, or make excuses for why they’re using drugs or drinking alcohol. If you notice these behaviors in yourself or a loved one, you must reach out for help as soon as possible.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem that can devastate your health, relationships, and career. If you think you might be struggling with an addiction, you must reach out for alcohol and drug evaluation Decatur help immediately. A Alcohol and Drug Evaluation at evaluates addictive behaviors for a range of substances including methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, alcohol, and several others in a confidential outpatient setting. And if you suspect that a loved one might be addicted to drugs or alcohol, don’t be afraid to discuss it— we may help you.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Starts at $89 Near 30067

An alcohol and drug evaluation marietta is a process whereby a clinician or other professional assesses an individual’s use of alcohol and other drugs, in order to make recommendations about treatment.


The major reason behind an alcohol and drug evaluation georgia is to provide an objective assessment of an individual’s use of substances, and to make recommendations about treatment. The evaluation should be conducted by a trained professional, who will take into account the individual’s history of substance use, as well as any current and past problems with alcohol and other drugs.


The alcohol and drug evaluation will typically involve a clinical interview, as well as the use of standardized questionnaires. The clinician will also consider any relevant medical and psychiatric information. Based on the information gathered, the clinician will make recommendations about treatment, which may include referral to a substance abuse treatment program.


An alcohol and drug evaluation marietta can be an important first step in the process of receiving help for a substance problem.


An alcohol and drug evaluation is a screening tool used to determine an individual’s level of alcohol or drug use. It is often used as part of a larger assessment for substance abuse or addiction. The evaluation may be conducted by a trained professional, such as a counselor, social worker, or psychologist. It may also be part of a physical examination by a doctor or nurse.


The evaluation usually begins with a self-report, in which the person being evaluated answers questions about his or her alcohol or drug use. The questions may ask about the frequency and quantity of use, as well as the person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to use. The self-report may be followed by a more detailed interview. The interviewer will ask about the person’s history of alcohol or drug use, as well as any family history of substance abuse. He or she will also ask about the person’s current use, including any recent changes in patterns of use.


The interviewer will also assess the person’s physical and mental health, as well as his or her social and work functioning. The goal of the alcohol and drug evaluation near me is to gather enough information to make a determination about the severity of the person’s alcohol or drug use. This determination will help guide treatment recommendations.


If you are concerned about your own alcohol or drug use, or that of a loved one, you can talk to your doctor or another health care provider about getting an evaluation. You can also contact a local alcohol or drug treatment center to inquire about evaluation services.


If you would like to learn more then is where you can find our website or you can call us at 1-800-683-7745.