How AACS Helps in Virtual Alcohol and Drug Evaluation?

Virtual alcohol and drug evaluation is done to treat addiction of various substances like heroin, marijuana, cocaine, etc.

Purpose of online alcohol and drug evaluation

The assessment is important to understand the mental thought process behind the consumption. For example, there was a hike in addiction cases because of the increased levels of stress among some people.

These days, even courts accept the final report of virtual alcohol and drug evaluation Marietta along with other major documents.

Whereas some counselors can charge very high prices, The American Alternative Court Services charge very reasonable prices from the patients. You just need to pay $100 as regular price and $89 on pre-payment. Isn’t it a nominal price for having a great life?

When things get out of control and you feel like slave to addiction, getting help from the team of expert counselors and doctors can be a great idea. AACS has verified and licensed professionals who guide the patient in friendly manner. Don’t wait more and fill the sign up form for personalized online alcohol and drug evaluation. If you know someone facing an addiction problem, then refer the assessment to him or her for betterment of the society.

Different Steps in Online Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

To help the addicts in recovering from an addiction problem, virtual alcohol and drug evaluation Marietta is done by AACS. This counseling and assessment is important for individuals who want to get back to work after successfully completing the Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Marietta.

When a person has charges of substance abuse against them, the court orders them to get the evaluation done. Online alcohol and drug evaluation provide the convenience of getting the consultation and assessments done by staying at home.

The Alcohol and Drug evaluation process has four stages: screening, assessment, follow-up and referral. American Alternative Court Services specializes in alcohol and drug evaluation. There is a team of doctors, counselors and social workers who have been providing help to people in overcoming the habit of drug and alcohol consumption. The rehab service is very helpful for local criminal justice system.
First step of virtual alcohol and drug evaluation Marietta is screening. At this stage various questions are asked to determine the presence of disorders and symptoms related to addiction. The questions can be answered in simple yes or no.

The second step is an assessment that involves deep analysis of the problem and chalking out of treatment plan for fast recovery of the patient. This assessment may include questions related to family background, social life, drug abuse history. It plays a vital role for counselors to prescribe the treatment.
Follow-up is the third step for addiction treatment. Patients must take sessions to ensure complete recovery and prevent the urge to take alcohol after the treatment.

Sometimes a person needs special help from different resources and cannot be treated with limited number of sessions. In this case, the patient is referred to the concerned person for further process of treatment.
Now that you are clear with the steps followed in the evaluation, you may book an appointment for virtual alcohol and drug evaluation at AACS.

Why to Take Virtual SAP Evaluation from AACS?

If you have been avoiding alcohol and drug consumption habit from a long time and now it has become an addiction, then it’s high time you must take help from professional counselors. Whether you are a working professional or any individual suffering from addiction, the counseling becomes essential to live a healthy lifestyle. Consider virtual SAP evaluation from AACS for treatment of substance abuse.

The report of successful completion of online SAP evaluation is essential for DOT, probation, attorneys, employment and so on. If you are a person who has been caught driving recklessly under influence, failed the drug test or behaved inappropriately in public place, then you must go through a treatment provided by substance abuse professionals.

The experienced counselors understand their responsibility and offers genuine help in a friendly manner. Online SAP evaluation is done after analysing different information like medical history, age, family relation, social circle, and much more. Various psychometric assessments are done to diagnose and treat addiction.

As a patient, the person needs to follow the prescription given by expert at AACS. Various sessions and activities conducted and changes recommended in the lifestyle of the patient by SAP are very helpful in recovering from addiction. AACS provides verified counseling services and the reports created by our experts are accepted by court and employers.

Online alcohol and drug assessments are also provided by our reliable center. You can use its report with the recommendations given by the counselors. The assessments are very crucial for SAPs to understand the behavior, lifestyle and level of addiction. Whether you need help for yourself or want to refer someone, American Alternative Court Services is just a call away.

Interested in taking the services? Then you just need to fill a form for the virtual SAP evaluation and the further procedure will be done in a hassle-free manner.

Clearinghouse Alcohol and Drug Evaluation-SAP

Clearinghouse alcohol and drug evaluation is done to maintain a database of drivers who are tested positive for substance abuse. When the return-to-duty process is completed by the driver, the details are filled in the clearinghouse database. With such evaluation, the drivers will not be able to lie about the violations that they have done.

Clearinghouse got effective on Jan 6, 2020. If any driver violated the rules laid for substance abuse before 6 Jan 2020, there is no need to go to the clearinghouse.

Data to be submitted in the Clearinghouse

  • All the reports related to the violations of DOT Part 382.
  • Negative return-to-duty test results.
  • Drug or alcohol test reports.

Use of Clearinghouse Alcohol and Drug Evaluation by Different People

Employers: They can report any type of drug or alcohol violations and even check if the employee has completed the return-to-duty process or not.

CDL Drivers: They can view their own record and show it to the prospective employer as proof of successfully completing the RTD process. It becomes very important for CDL drivers as they are not allowed to work without a green signal from the clearinghouse.

Medical Review Officers: Reports can be helpful in verifying the positive drug test. They can also see test refusals through the database.

Substance Abuse Professionals: The initial assessment report and eligibility status can be checked by SAPs through the clearinghouse database.

State Driver Licensing Agencies: Information can be checked before completing transactions related to licenses.

How Clearinghouse Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Improves Highway Safety?

  • It helps in pre-employment investigations and obligations related to reporting.
  • The drivers are not able to cover any kind of violations related to drugs and alcohol program.
  • Necessary treatment and evaluation can be done before the driver performs safety-sensitive functions.

If you are looking for Clearinghouse alcohol and drug evaluation, then ‘American Alternative Court Services’ is just a call away!

What is DUI School?

If you are driving under influence (DUI), then you may consider an option of attending special program related to alcohol education offered by DUI School. If you are guilty of substance abuse and need to find a way to return to duty, then you must take these classes. In fact, it is a more convenient option than suspended licenses and court fines. Who should visit DUI School?
The drug and alcohol education can be very beneficial in creating awareness about the adverse impacts of addiction. You must attend this program if you have:
• Early signs of substance abuse disorder.
• DUI charge for the first time.
• Developed alcohol and drug addiction and it’s at initial stage.
Documents required at time of registration
Most of the times, the DUI School offers flexible time slots for the programs according to the schedule of the participants.

The following documents are required at the time of registration:
• Traffic citation
• Copy of arrest affidavit
• Identification proof
• Reports of breath, urine and blood tests.
• Court order
• Driving history

What happens at DUI School?
State-certified instructors conduct special classes for specific hours. The entire program consists of lectures, discussions, instructions, evaluation and empowerment. Usually, there are two levels of this course.
The Level I involves substance abuse evaluation, activities and psychosocial evaluation. The charges for this course are between the range of $260 and $290.
The Level II of this program is more intensive and time-taking. You have to pay around $425 to get the benefit of interactive techniques in group sessions. The DUI School ensures that the size of the group is small to provide proper attention to every individual.
Whether you are arrested for DUI or concerned about the use of alcohol and drugs, the programs offered by DUI School are helpful for everyone.

Advantages of Online SAP Evaluation

Substance abuse is a serious problem that is prevailing in the society. People find it an easy way to deal with stress and depression. But in long run, this can have serious adverse affects on physical and mental health. The substance abuse professionals play vital role in providing treatment and guidance in recovery from addiction. They evaluate the situation and recommend various solutions through their friendly and informative sessions. Online SAP evaluation is trending nowadays as it saves your time and hassles of going to the center. Let’s check out some of the advantages of virtual SAP evaluation:

  • The best thing about online evaluation is the 24 hours of treatment availability. There are many platforms where patients can get services online. Addicted person may feel the temptation and craving for substance abuse at any time. An online counseling program that is available round the clock may be useful in getting the right guidance at right time. Online SAP evaluation is effective in suppressing some side effects on time.
  • You can keep your identity as anonymous. If you are uncomfortable in revealing the identity, then you can undergo online SAP evaluation. Most of the people who are facing the problem of addiction may undergo treatment and have the advantage of counseling without going to the center physically.
  • These counseling programs are flexible. You can select the session according to your own schedule. So if you have classes or a job, then also attending these sessions won’t be difficult. You can connect through mobile, laptop or desktop. The Tele-health virtual evaluations are gaining popularity nowadays and if done through verified professionals, the report can be considered in court as well.
  • Online Tele-therapy session can be one-on-one or in groups. You can select the setting according to your need. Isn’t it amazing that you can get online SAP evaluation for effective treatment by sitting at home!

Virtual Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

Have you been suffering from alcohol or drug abuse? Do you need professional help to diagnose and treat the symptoms of addition? If yes, then substance abuse professionals are there to help you. In case you have a busy schedule or don’t want to take risk of transportation during COVID-19 pandemic, then you may also opt for virtual alcohol and drug evaluation.

  • The Tele-health DUI evaluations are considered approved in the court, if performed by verified professionals. If you are worker who has violated the rules and regulations set by the US Department of Transportation, then you may undergo virtual alcohol and drug evaluation to get a green signal for returning back to duty.

You have to become a part of the program where proper education, treatment and follow-up plan is offered to the patient by the evaluators. These online face-to-face evaluations enable the patients to recover from this addiction without facing many difficulties. The substance abuse professionals also take the contact numbers of the family members and friends to ensure the recovery phase is smooth.

  • Free online alcohol and drug tests are also available nowadays. These are created for general assessment and do not take place of in-clinic face-to-face sessions with the SAP. It is basically an assessment that a person can give to determine the current position.

In this assessment, some questions are asked from the person. The duration of this assessment is only 5 minutes. After completion of this assessment, the person gets general feedback. Remember that you must be honest while giving the answers because they are meant to analyse your behavioral pattern, thoughts and actions.

When everything is going digital, the above mentioned are some of the ways in which substance abuse professionals are providing help online. If you need virtual alcohol and drug evaluation, then you may contact American Alternative Court Services for more help.

Role of SAP for DOT in Recovery from Addiction

Addiction is bad! It is harmful for any individual and the society. A person who is addicted to drugs and alcohol needs to be treated and should not be allowed to work at any place. Is that an easy task? No, this recovery requires help from professionals known as Substance Abuse Professional. Let’s understand the role of SAP for DOT:

  • Build therapeutic alliance with patients

For best treatment it is necessary for the counselors to create a bond with the patients. SAP has to show interest in the patient’s case. A good Substance abuse counselor stays attentive during the sessions and tries to understand the main problem behind the addiction.

  • Keeps the patient motivated throughout the treatment

Leaving the consumption of alcohol or drug is entirely in the hands of the patient. Bringing change in the behaviour requires a lot of patience, encouragement and motivation. SAP for DOT ensures that the person is treated with warmth, empathy and friendliness. They try to understand the behavioral pattern and prescribe some methods according to that.

  • Avoid situation of relapse

It is possible that the patient again starts taking drugs or alcohol after showing a bit of improvement during the treatment. SAPs make a proper plan to prevent such situation. It has to be taken care of from the very early stages of recovery. What can be done to make certain that the patient says ‘no’ to such temptations? To deal with this, SAPs analyse the history of relapses, list out the warning signs and ways to tackle them, take help from support network and recommend some changes in lifestyle.

If you are looking for an expert SAP for DOT, then you can contact American Alternative Court Services. Our programs are designed to provide you a new perspective towards living a healthy life.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation: Things to consider before choosing the service

It is important to choose a reliable service alcohol and drug evaluation Marietta for court. This assessment is required by the court to solve various cases. There are certain points that the person must consider before availing the service:

  • Credentials of the professional

You must check the experience and qualification of the evaluator. Experienced professionals know the right way to treat the person. They don’t unnecessarily over-diagnose or over-treat the person. Check whether the evaluator has a license and there is no disciplinary action against the substance abuse professional.

  • Unique report

Make sure that the evaluator provides a unique and properly filled report including the severity of addiction and the treatment plan. SAP who only fills out a preformatted evaluation form is considered quite unprofessional by the court.

  • Check report before the court

Ask whether it is possible to review the report before forwarding it to the court. It is an important document that determines the future, so it should be reviewed to avoid any error.

  • Need of drug test

Drug test is done through a urine screen. It is an important part of alcohol and drug evaluation Marietta. In some cases this report is not essential but in some cases comments of evaluator are essential.

  • Cost of assessment

You have to pay almost $200 for a basic alcohol test that can be considered as appropriate for the court. Make sure that you don’t compromise on quality of the report. The court can reject the evaluation if complete credentials and relevant information are missing in the report.

  • Reviews about service

Research about the reviews received by the evaluator regarding the service offered. Always take your report from an authorized professional to avoid any issue in court.

Now that you have gone through all the points, making the right decision may not be very difficult for you. American Alternative Court Service is perfect place where you can get the alcohol and drug evaluation Georgia done with the help of experienced counselors.


In order to be precise, a drug addiction diagnosis is based upon a thorough analysis and assessment done by a licensed alcohol and drug counsellor. From blood to urine different types of lab tests are involved in this SAV evaluation to achieve the right extent of addiction. These tests that are used for monitoring the course of recovery, are used to build an effective treatment plan tailored to the individual needs of those suffering. By putting yourself in reliable hands of professionals, you’ll be given the best possible chance at recovery.

At AACS, you can start by discussing your substance use with our qualified doctors or ask for a referral to the specialists here in drug addiction department. Having examined thousands of clients for the test, our professionals carry the experience for a thorough assessment based upon facts and rational procedures. We put forward the independent perspective of someone you can trust and who knows you well.

When Is It Done?

Once you begin with your addiction treatment program, you may receive a substance abuse evaluation test to determine the extent of your substance use and form the accurate individualized care plan customized as per your needs and circumstances.

Since the treatment professionals need to know your history of addiction, to make it work, you have to:

  • Be honest about your drug use.
  • Make a list of all medications, vitamins, or supplements that you’re taking.
  • Make a list of questions to ask your doctor or any other professional.

How It Works

A substance use evaluation is broken down into two stages that may be administered by professionals trained to assess addiction.

These steps can be defined as:

  • Screening: Created to evaluate the presence of a particular problem, that will be determined with a simple yes or no.
  • Assessment: Created for determining the nature of the patient’s problem, determining a diagnosis, and forming treatment recommendations for the problem or diagnosis.

So, If you believe that someone you love is suffering because of the substance use and requires an SAV evaluation, don’t hesitate to reach out to our professionals who can assist you in these tough times. Contact us today.