Gay Couples Counseling

Maintaining an intimate relationship requires work from both individuals involved. Typical stressors can be magnified when the couple identifies as gay and a same sex couple may prefer to seek gay couples counseling to have their specific needs met. An LGBTQ+ affirmative counselor specializes in providing individual, relationship, gay couples counseling, and group therapy for individuals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, and/or pansexual. While most, if not all, couples could benefit from a counselor, sometimes the specific guidance and support of gay couples counseling is imperative to restoring the health of a particular relationship.

Family Violence Intervention Program(S) GA

The Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP) is the certified program that is focused on the safety of the family violence victims and improvement/ rehabilitation of violent offenders, simultaneously. It aims at maintaining the cordial relationship between the couples and removing any kind of violence be it, physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or behavioral that pertains between them or is inflicted, on any other family member, be it, physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or behavioral.
Domestic violence is common to every second household. The U.S has been witnessing a sharp rise in the number of murders of women committed during the argument between the couples and also, increase in the mental abuse of teenagers resulting from family violence. It destroys the home and affects the very foundation of the family and the home. We believe that no one deserves to be abused or threatened whether mentally or physically. Thus, our FVIP solely aims at providing the professional help needed to any extent to prevent the destruction of households and thereby reduce the abuse of victims. We help the abuser understand the reason behind his behavioral issues and the violence inflicted by him/her which may be due to drug abuse, alcoholism, jealousy, or low self-esteem.
The program may be suggested by the court orders as against the defendant as when a protective order is issued against family violence wherein the defendant is asked to participate in an FVIP. The program focuses on increasing the accountability of the offender and helps in the protection and safety of the victim irrespective of their color, caste, age, gender, or socio-economic background.
Most of our clients are court-ordered as the condition of probation however, others are referred by the Office of Community Services or self-referred individuals who recognize that they are undergoing domestic violence issues in their relationships and, they wish to learn the power and control issues to improve their relationships.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Program

Outpatient Drug Rehab is a supreme option available for those drug abusers who are exposed to mild addiction and, they cannot disrupt their regular work/family life routine to get their treatment done. It is generally opted by those who wish to get their treatment done from a clinic or hospital during specified chosen hours of their routine which may range from 12-16 hours per week, without having to stay at the rehab center. The drug abusers with hectic life and busy professional routine are out most common patients. Outpatient rehab allows complete flexibility in the treatment program in the terms of hours and days per week selected.

Just like inpatient rehab, the outpatient rehab also fulfills the criteria of making the patient free from substance use but, with a difference that he doesn’t have to stay in the rehab center as in the case of in patient detox where he is admitted to the rehab center for his de-addiction. An outpatient program may include psychosocial interventions, medications, education/counsellings, art or music therapy, and support services, depending upon the client’s need. Support services may be in the form of helping the person undergoing the rehab program finding a job or a house to live. Besides, the patient may also profit in the form of newly developed social connections, personal encouragement, and motivation to achieve his ultimate goal of undergoing outpatient rehab.

Apart from imparting the education, individual or group counselings our outpatient program allows the complete monitoring and treatment of the drug withdrawal symptoms which can be in the form of anxiety, depression, and anger issues.

There is a myth that impatient rehab has more success rate as compared to the outpatient detox which, is not true because the goal of both the plans are the same however, the success completely depends upon the will power and the self-discipline of the patient under going the treatment.

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The clearinghouse has been introduced as the secured online database to maintain records about the CDL(Commercial Driving Licence) drivers’ who are covered by FMCSA’s drug and alcohol program. This also includes drivers with commercial learner’s permits (CLPs).

SAP for DOT has made the clearinghouse SAP evaluation mandatory for the employees who test positive for drug or alcohol abuse. SAP is the user in the Clearinghouse who is also required to register himself on the clearinghouse. As soon as the driver is found positive he must register on the FMCSA Clearinghouse and contact SAP professional. The list of the qualified DOT SAPs may be provided by your employer so that you can fix your appointment as soon as to complete the return-to-duty process.


  • The driver registers himself on the clearinghouse where the employer then, enters the violation record on the driver’s name.
  • The driver receives a notification in the form of e-mail or text that information has been entered on his record.
  • The driver can now access the list of qualified SAPs and choose one which he wishes to.
  • Similarly, SAP receives the push-up notification from the clearinghouse mentioning the driver’s name in the form of his connection request.
  • The SAP clicks on “Accept Request” or “Deny Request” following which he can see the driver’s records if he accepts the request.
  • On the initial assessment, SAP intimates the driver about his treatment recommendation and also enters the date of the final assessment meeting.
  • SAP, after determining that the driver has successfully complied with the treatment, enters the date of the demonstration which serves as the means for the employer who then, orders the conduct of Return to Duty test.

The result of the RTD test must be negative to get back on your duty else, you have to undergo the treatment procedure again (education or treatment) as suggested by SAP evaluation.

Couples Counseling(s)

The foundations of a romantic relationship may become strained for a myriad of reasons. Trust, intimacy, respect, are common aspects that can be challenged during the course of any couple’s relationship which may require a third party’s guidance to work through. Premarital counseling, couples counseling, and marriage counseling provide the space to explore and learn the groundwork for a healthy relationship or repair areas which may be of concern. Couples counseling provides the opportunity to incorporate powerful tools to communicate and discover a couple’s values.

Anger Management Classes

Synopsis: a general description of the need for anger management classes

Anger Management classes are a viable solution for those who have trouble channeling emotions into a proactive practice. By reducing emotional and physical tendencies that cause rage, an individual learns how to control reactions and cope with anger, leading to a happier and healthier life, as the stress caused by ongoing anger can increase the risk of health problems.

Generally, anger management classes focus on learning to better communicate needs, expressing emotions appropriately without causing self-harm or damaging external relationships. By recognizing situations that may be triggered to highly volatile outbursts, an individual is taught to practice techniques to use the feelings of frustration as motivation to take positive actions.

DUI Clinical Evaluation in GA

DUI (Driving Under Influence) clinical evaluation also known as Alcohol/ Drug Clinical Evaluation begins with a scheduled one-on-one session between the person charged with DUI and the state approved SAP(Substance Abuse Professional). When an individual is charged with DUI, careless/reckless driving by the state, judge, attorney, or probation office, he/she has to get their clinical evaluation done for DUI before or after court proceedings. DUI evaluations is state-regulated. However, it is suggested to get the clinical evaluation done prior to your appearance in the court to show your good faith and accountability.
Evaluation is a one-hour session which has to be booked by the violater priorly with the clinical evaluator. Our professional will verify your exposure to substance abuse for different drugs while ensuring the confidentiality of the session. After the completion of the session our authorized clinician determines whether you need any sort of education, counseling, program or treatment. The final recommendation is explained to you before being handed over to you in writing. If he suggests some treatment program then, any violation in terms of attendance and other procedure during the course of the program will lead to a further violation on your part.
Our clinical evaluators are highly experienced and well knowledgeable to help you sort out your difficulties and set you on the right track. You can fix your appointment to let them guide you towards the right course of action. The majority of the offenders are afraid of the fact that they will be directed towards the treatment program however, it is not so. Each individual is analysed by our professional considering their history, evaluation of their link with drug and alcohol abuse with proper use of available professional assessment tools and then only, we arrive on giving the accurate and fair recommendations for each case.

Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Classes Near you

Shoplifting and theft prevention classes may be part of a rehabilitation program which provides support and educational content intended to meet court, legal, or employer requirements. Shoplifting and theft prevention classes are presented in a factual manner to help participants move forward in their lives, making better decisions regarding morals and responsibilities. With such overtly serious consequences at stake such as job loss or incarceration, deterring such a negative habit empowers an individual by providing tools to negate wrongful tendencies. The problem of shoplifting is much larger than most imagine. It can be deduced to addiction, however, diving deeper, it may also demonstrate the cultural desire and power of societal pressures and material consumption. Regardless of any systemic changes that the country may be in need of, an individual can be deprived of quality life and be at risk for severe legal and personal consequences. If an individual is in need of breaking the addiction, shoplifting, and theft prevention classes can be the professional help to end specific negative behaviors, establish goal-directed patterns and fulfill the commitment to a happier, healthier life.

Domestic Violence Assessment in Decatur

Domestic violence is assaultive and coercive behaviors, including physical, sexual and psychological. A domestic violence assessment is used to find help for those that suffer from some form of domestic violence. Domestic violence assessments are specialized evaluations of domestic violence issues and are conducted using specific evaluation protocols. There are a number of questions on the evaluation which will help the assessor to determine whether someone is the subject of domestic abuse. Domestic violence risk assessments offer an evidence-informed approach to evaluate the impact of abuse and violence of an individual in concern’s health and well-being. Knowing what to do in case of domestic abuse or mistreatment is important and could save lives.

ASAM Classes Near Me

ASAM or the American Society of Addiction Medicine is a physician-led community which is dedicated to the care of patients with addictions, providing a results-based program in prevention, treatment, remission, and recovery. ASAM defines addiction as a chronic brain disease and treats each patient individually based on extensive scientific research.

Certain criteria have been established to focus on treatment outcomes that help the patient reach a multidimensional strategy in understanding the principles of addiction and how to ultimately maintain a healthy lifestyle. The support an individual receives from ASAM classes and the results that can be achieved by responsibly participating in one’s recovery is invaluable to a desired quality of life.