Different Steps in Online Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

To help the addicts in recovering from addiction problem, virtual alcohol and drug evaluation is done by AACS. This counseling and assessment is important for the individuals who want to get back to work after successfully completing the evaluation.

When a person has charges of substance abuse against them, the court orders them to get the evaluation done. Online alcohol and drug evaluation provides the convenience of getting the consultation and assessments done by staying at home.

The evaluation process has four stages: screening, assessment, follow-up and referral. American Alternative Court Services specialises in alcohol and drug evaluation. There is a team of doctors, counselors and social workers who have been providing help to people in overcoming the habit of drug and alcohol consumption. The rehab service is very helpful for local criminal justice system.
First step of virtual alcohol and drug evaluation is screening. At this stage various questions are asked to determine the presence of disorders and symptoms related to addiction. The questions can be answered in simple yes or no.

Second step is assessment that involves deep analysis of problem and chalking out of treatment plan for fast recovery of patient. This assessment may include questions related to family background, social life, drug abuse history. It plays a vital role for counselors to prescribe the treatment.
Follow-up is the third step for addiction treatment. Patients must take sessions to ensure complete recovery and prevent the urge to take alcohol after the treatment.

Sometimes a person need special help from different resources and cannot be treated with limited number of sessions. In this case, the patient is referred to the concerned person for further process of treatment.
Now that you are clear with the steps followed in the evaluation, you may book an appointment for virtual alcohol and drug evaluation at AACS.