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What is the Alcohol and Drug Evaluation?

The Alcohol and Drug Evaluation is usually court-mandated and ordered by the judge as a term & condition for the successful completion of a probationary period, also, ordered by a judge or court system.

My own Alcohol and Drug Evaluation has conducted Jacques for me to obtain my driving privileges again in the state of Georgia seeing as how I was never put on probation for my original DWAI and DWI charges in the state of New York. The Alcohol and Drug Evaluation, from my understanding, was a comprehensive clinical interview to determine risk and behavioral patterns associated with addiction and how to combat said risks and behavioral patterns.

The first step of the Alcohol and Drug Evaluation that I experienced was a written questionnaire that helps determine a patient’s history concerning drug use & abuse. The second portion of the Alcohol and Drug Evaluation is a one hour, in-person, face-to-face interview with a clinical therapist/ psychologist/ and or physician to discuss the results of the questionnaire and to determine a timeline and pattern of a patient’s most recent drug use and abuse. The last step of the Alcohol and Drug Evaluation is to use all the information provided in the beginning, middle, and end of the evaluation in combination with a patient’s criminal background and history to provide the best options needed to provide proper treatment.

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