Mental Health Assessment

A mental health assessment is designed for the purpose of evaluating and building up an accurate picture of an individual’s needs.
Alcohol and Drug Evaluation
The initial process may consist of an intake by a nurse and then a mental health professional.
There are a variety of intake formats. The mental health assessment is a combination of assessment tools that are designed to measure behavioral health symptoms, and some questions that are commonly geared to an individual’s unique situation
A professional may ask some of the following questions and utilize what is relevant.
Mental health symptoms and experiences
Feelings, thoughts and behavior
Overall physical health
Socioeconomics – such as housing and financial circumstances
Academics, skills, and career achievements
Social status and family relations
Cultural, ethnic, sexuality, and gender
Substance use – such as alcohol or drugs
Suicide risk screening

Individuals will be given the opportunity to share additional pertinent information about concerns and life challenges. The process is completely confidential and it takes about 90-minutes.

It is a common practice for the mental health professional to discuss a course of action for possible Counseling.