Substance abuse professional (SAP) is a person who is authorized to assess the employee who has violated DOT drug rules and regulations. SAP for DOT is also responsible for prescribing the correct knowledge, treatment, post-treatment routine to the employee.

Role of SAP for DOT

Based on the decision of SAP, the employer decides whether the employee can be given the permission to handle the vehicle or not. The employee who has violated the laws cannot be permitted to drive the school bus, train or car. As a SAP for DOT, making correct evaluation is important for public interest and safety.

What is the return-to-duty process for the employee?

Department of Transportation has listed out certain guidelines related to drugs and alcohol especially for the driver to ensure safety of the public. If the employee has violated the rules and wants to return back to the work, then he has to successfully clear the assessments and treatment given by the SAP:

  • A face to face assessment of the employee is done with the SAP for DOT. The professional can ask the questions and understand the psychology behind the violation of regulation.
  • After a discussion, the SAP guides the employee about the side-effects of the drugs and explains the treatment procedure in detail.
  • The recommendations given by the SAP are sent to the employer. This is important for the employer to be updated with the status of the treatment.
  • SAP keeps a check on the progress of the plan that is chalked out for the employee.
  • When everything goes according to plan, the SAP for DOT again conducts a face to face assessment with the person. If everything is successful and verified, the report will be sent to the employer. In this way the person gets the return-to-duty order.

If a person working in your company is complying with DOT, then you may take the assistance from the AACS, Atlanta for evaluation and assessment from best counselors and professionals.


If any individual is required to refer to a qualified SAP after testing positive in drugs or alcohol test, then he/ she must have the basic understanding of the comprehensive and face-to-face assessment and evaluations that comes with these tests. While relying on a qualified SAP, the employee should know the procedures on their own, in order to return back to safety-sensitive duties and remain truly fit to get back to his normal lifestyle.

AACS is a certified DOT-SAP provider administering the criteria fixed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for people who got caught or tested positive in the consumption of any prohibited substance. Our trained and experienced specialists understand the importance of these tests and the impact they carry on clients’ livelihood. That is why, we are committed to educate you, train you and provide you with the solutions you need for effective functioning.

Explaining The Process

SAP evaluation procedures are fast and straightforward. Individuals are made to follow very strict guidelines to return back to duty in a healthy condition. Our dedicated SAP counsellors will walk you through all the stages of assessment, referral, treatment and the testing process to make every task much smoother for you.

The SAP evaluation programs include the following:

  • Two face-to-face evaluations
  • Determining the level through some type of treatment or education
  • SAP monitoring of employee in treatment
  • Face-to-face follow-up clinical evaluation
  • Follow-up testing schedule
  • Aftercare recommendations depending upon the case, by SAP professionals
  • Sharing of written SAP reports with the employer for reporting the condition

If you find your source of income to be in danger after testing positive in the evaluation, consulting a qualified SAP as soon as possible may be the ideal decision you can make. Return back to your safety-sensitive job under the expertise of the right industry professionals.

AACS is a leading facilitator guaranteeing to connect you with your employers again after guiding you towards the right path. We eliminate the risk of making your career suffer from our dedicated assistance.

For more details on our SAP evaluation procedures and different SAP evaluation options, contact us today.


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Marietta Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

An alcohol and drug evaluation Georgia allows a professional to determine whether an issue regarding the use of alcohol or drugs exists and therefore needs to be addressed with further attention or intervention. The alcohol and drug evaluation documents basic current and historic usage of substances along with the extent of effects.

This is an opportunity to transparently communicate incidents, progress, areas of concern, and general lifestyle to best move towards health and success. A fair assessment compiles the information of the client, provides accurate summaries and specific details unique to the individual’s situation and needs.

Alcohol and drug evaluation marietta can determine the type and level regimen needed or can be used as a professional testimonial to competency. This is an initial step to a successful rehabilitation which may lead not only to completing legal requirements but also to a happier and healthier way of living.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluations in GA

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation marietta is conducted with the purpose of identifying and analyzing if an individual under evaluation is suffering from alcohol or any sort of substance abuse issue. It is followed by analyzing the level of counseling and intervention needed if an individual is found to be going through some issue or addiction.

Alcohol and Drug assessment is conducted for the non-DUI individuals i.e. the ones going through medical issues, or when ordered by the court for reasons given by different authorities like judges or law enforcement agencies to assess the extent of a person’s level of addiction to such substances.

Our team of professionals is highly skilled in behavioral and cognitive skills who will help you reach the honest results of whether you actually need some further counseling or treatments for alcohol addiction or any sort of drug treatment.

The overall evaluation is carried through the stages of screening (to find if the person is actually going through the problem), then the assessment, to find out the nature of the problem the alcoholic or drug abuser is going through, thus, followed by the remedy needed in the form of rehabilitation or counseling.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Decatur helps in understanding the current status as well as the history of the patient under evaluation to reach the conclusion of whether his problem is only substance abuse or physiological/psychiatric as well. The assessment is a deep-rooted process conducted by our professionals who are experience in their field for over 25 years.

This evaluation helps us to develop a remedial program for the treatment of the person with a specific drug or alcohol addiction.
Since we are certified by the court as well as the state, we also conduct evaluations for DUI.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Treatments

Synopsis: what is an outpatient rehabilitation treatment program and who is it best suited to accommodate


Outpatient rehab facilities can be very beneficial for individuals with mild substance abuse problems seeking sobriety. An outpatient rehabilitation program offers drug and alcohol treatment sessions that can be maintained in accordance with a patient’s schedule while meeting the requirements for a successful outcome. A patient has more flexibility to attend meetings and appointments at various times throughout the week.

This schedule allows patients to continue with their personal responsibilities and to continue living on their own but they are required to check into the outpatient rehab treatment at their designated times for counseling. Outpatient programs come in a variety of formats, differing levels of intensity and offer an array of services. The general focus is on education and providing a support network.

For an expedited assessment and appointment call 800-683-7745

Addiction Counseling in GA

Synopsis: a broad definition of addiction counseling

Millions of Americans suffer from a dependence on drugs, alcohol, and destructive behaviors such as shoplifting or gambling. Addiction counseling is a highly specialized form of treatment that evaluates and appropriately cares for an individual to ultimately achieve a life-long recovery. Cognitive behavioral therapy, family counseling and other types of therapy can help to attain rehabilitation. Psychotherapy can also treat other mental health conditions that often play a role in addiction.

The problematic and addictive elements are initially assessed and once an evaluation is determined, a specialized treatment plan can be developed. Addiction counseling then is intended to assist in overcoming any dependencies and behaviors, facilitating the individual’s growth and values, in order to achieve a healthier life.

Substance Abuse Treatment GA

Synopsis: Substance abuse treatment greatly improves the chances of breaking criminal offense cycles. The judicial system uses consequential punishments to deter repeated drug offenses while substance abuse treatment aims to rehabilitate.

A common and cyclical movement of those with substance abuse disorders and the paths of substance abuse treatment versus incarceration is demonstrated in our legal system by which the practice of requiring people with addictions to remain drug-free as a condition of probation for drug-related offenses and of criminalizing relapse. Being that addiction is considered a brain disease and relapsing is a symptom of it, it can be contemplated how the laws are encouraging, rather than narrowing, success rates. If the policies in place are not setting an offender up for optimal recovery then perhaps that can best be achieved by a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program. Treatments can involve medication, psychotherapy and long-term follow up.

The sustainability of such treatment programs far surpasses the costs and tribulations of criminalization, yet imprisonment for nonviolent drug offenses and the respective statistics are still staggering. While consequences in any legal system are necessary, they should be with the primary intention of individual rehabilitation. The criminal justice system utilizes punishments to deter repeated drug offenses while substance abuse treatments aim to wholly rehabilitate.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab Treatment

Synopsis: What is an outpatient intensive treatment

Intensive outpatient programs give individuals the ability to further their dedication to sobriety by maintaining the accountability that’s recommended for long-term recovery. This treatment option allows individuals to continue the progress and growth they’ve obtained from counseling, medication, and general professional support in a less restrictive setting. Initiating treatment with an intensive outpatient program will offer support mechanisms and educational tools to further build a foundation for lifelong sobriety.

An initial clinical assessment will determine one’s suitability for the intensive treatment program and is typically recommended for those who do not need a medically-supervised detox. In an intensive outpatient program, the patient continues their everyday life with clinical, emotional, and peer support systems.


Employees who earn their living through safety-sensitive duties performed under the US Department of Transportation are required to have an evaluation done by a qualified Substance Abuse Professional when they are caught violating the DOT regulations. The DOT rules make it mandatory for an employee who works in a safety-sensitive position covered by DOT, to return to their job once the SAP’s recommendations and evaluations have been documented.

AACS Atlanta is helping enterprises worldwide to achieve this. Our services accelerate SAP testing procedures to keep pace with the constantly functioning business environment and contribute to their smooth functioning.

Who Are SAP?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) identifies the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) as a qualified individual who performs the job of evaluating individuals who have breached the DOT alcohol regulation and guides them further in the DOT regulation guidelines, recovery treatment, and aftercare. Any employee who violates the regulations is required to consult a Substance Abuse Professional in order to legally return to duty.
A SAP’s role is to protect public safety related to the transportation mechanism.

How The SAP Assessment Process Works

Employees who get terminated from their job on the basis of DOT rules violation must obtain an SAP evaluation and fulfil the responsibilities before returning back to work. The evaluation process includes the following stages:

 Face to face interviews – The first stage involves a SAP to determine whether the substance abuse problem exists or not. This initial evaluation is necessary for the course of treatment that will be taking place in the future.

 An evaluation report is prepared and shared with the employer.

 Regular contact is maintained with the treatment provider for ensuring the treatment plan being followed and maintenance of the recommended level of service.

 Then comes the follow-up evaluation to determine the completion of the recommended treatment.

 Lat stage involves the issue of Return to Duty slip for the appointment that will permit employee for Return to Duty.

So, if you are ready to schedule a DOT SAP Evaluation, contact AACS Atlanta today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with us.