Intensive Anger Management Class

Intensive Anger Management Class
What is an Intensive Anger Management Class?

Anger is a natural emotion that everyone experiences at one time or another, with different levels of frequency and intensity. From a biological perspective, anger is a necessary instinctive, physiological, and psychological response to a perceived threat. Anger can become problematic when the situation that elicits it is unwarranted or when the anger experienced is out of proportion to the associated context. Anger can also become distressing and maladaptive when it leads to destructive behaviors, interpersonal conflicts, occupational difficulties, or legal complications. In light of the potentially devastating effects of unhealthy anger responses, anger management classes have been designed to address the specific cognitive deficits that are functioning during such episodes.

How do you react to stress in your life?

It is neither realistic nor possible to completely eliminate anger, therefore, the goal of 8-Hour Anger Management classes is to learn how to cope with and express anger in a healthy way. In the 8-Hour Anger Management class, we discuss the difference between anger, hostility, and aggression so that participants can appropriately define and express their experiences. Additionally, the  Anger Management curriculum is designed to address the effects of anger on the body, behavior, and mind. This interactive 8-Hour Anger Management course includes various case studies and scenarios that address specific, anger-inducing situations in order to facilitate group dialogues related to appropriate and healthy responses. Additionally, clients will be challenged to objectively question their initial reactions and consequently reframe them to a healthier perspective to reduce emotional saliency and regain self-control.

Control your anger before it controls you!
Our Anger Management classes are designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of one’s individual anger triggers in order to assist participants in mediating responsiveness—shifting away from old habituated reactions in light of healthier, purposeful responses to achieve higher quality outcomes. To register for an Anger Management class, call 800-683-7745.

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