Cognitive Skills Classes

Cognitive Skills Classes
Cognitive Skills Classes are designed for a higher level of care for individuals facing serious issues in life. The program is a commitment of 12- 24 weeks of group therapy that addresses faulty thinking and assists with thought and behavior restructuring. The program is similar to an  Intensive Outpatient Program, also known as IOP, which addresses dependencies and addictions as well as treating depression, eating disorders, and other mental health issues without the need for detoxification or invasive treatments.

Clients in the program are urged to process lifelong traumatic issues within a group setting with a specialized therapist. Most clients benefit tremendously from the therapeutic process and begin realizing self-actualization, independence, and happiness.

Working on emotional growth and identifying new and healthy ways to face adversities can be the first step toward healing. Attaining knowledge and developing skills to manage debilitating factors is necessary for understanding one’s own path towards recovery. Therapies, either individual or group are provided in conjunction with integrative treatments, teaching practical skills outside of a full-time treatment environment. Participants in the program meet requirements of weekly participation where substance testing is mandatory if applicable. An Intensive Outpatient Program provides the convenience of maintaining self-care, furthering progress, and being accountable. Less concentrated levels of care will be recommended once an IOP is completed and the patient has successfully worked towards relapse prevention, a skill that may never be extraneous. 

The goal is to help modify behaviors that have hindered growth and personal development.

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Sessions are held once a week for 2 hours.

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