Thinking For Change – T4C

Thinking For Change - T4C
Thinking for Change 4.0 (T4C) is comprised of 25 lessons that build upon each other, and contains appendices that can be used to craft an aftercare program to meet the ongoing cognitive behavioral needs of your group. Not all lessons can be completed in one session, so a typical delivery cycle may take 30 sessions. Sessions should last between one and two hours. Ideally, the curriculum is delivered two times per week, with a minimum recommended dosage of once per week and a maximum of three times per week. Participants must be granted time to complete mandatory homework between each lesson.
Thinking for Change 4.0 program is designed to be provided to justice-involved adults and youth, males and females. It is intended for groups of eight to twelve and should be delivered only by trained facilitators. Due to its integrated structure, T4C is a closed group, meaning members need to start at the
beginning of a cycle, and may not join the group mid-stream (lesson five is a logical cut-off point
for new group members).

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