8-Hour 420 Marijuana Class

8 hour 420 Marijuana Class

8 hour 420 Marijuana Class

The 8-hour 420 Marijuana Class is an educational program designed by the Prime for Life Institute. The curriculum helps individuals self-assess high-risk choices. It is an excellent program of awareness for individuals who engage in high-risk behavior.

The Prime For Life 8-hour 420 Marijuana Class explores the psychoactive impairing and addictive nature of the cannabis plant. The discussion allows examining the potential medical use of CBD oil versus the addictive product consumed. Prime For Life 420 is an excellent way to begin the self-assessment process and determine your own level of occupation with cannabis.

To seek help is to become proactive towards a healthier mind and body. Whether a substance abuse treatment is required by a court in order to appease a criminal offense, the same treatment is utilized and provides a safe and structured intervention. When committing to treatment, the support and knowledge of dedicated professionals can be imperative to maintaining a life without drugs or alcohol. The compassion experienced and the camaraderie that develops whilst participating in substance abuse treatment programs have become pillars of rehabilitation and are a common yet achievable step in preventing harmful recurrences with destructive substances and behaviors.

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