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A Complete Guide on Returning to Duty

Thanks for choosing us to help you get back to work!

We are here to make the process smooth for you.


We have various payment assistance options, including payment plans through AfterPay

to make your return-to-work journey easier.


Expect a call from our SAP/Return to Duty experts during our business hours:

Monday to Saturday: 9 AM – 9 PM EST

Sunday: 9 AM – 9 PM EST


FIRST – Read the Steps to COMPLETION listed below

THEN – Check out our Payment Assistance Options

Payment Assistance Options Available – CLICK HERE



Return to Duty – Steps to COMPLETION

Step 1: Easy Steps to Register and Select Your SAP Evaluator

Ready to start your Return to Duty Process? Here’s how :


●      Go to https://clearinghouse.fmcsa.dot.gov/ and sign up.

●      Use your email and password to log into Clearinghouse.

●      Click on “View RTD Process Details” to see what’s ahead.

●      In the search bar, type “AACS Counseling” to locate us.

●      Pick your SAP from these options:


Jacques Khorozian

Solomon Stretch

Melvyne Chadwick-Uhlrich


●      Hit “Send Request,” and you’re all set!


Step 2: First Meeting with your SAP (Initial Evaluation)

Getting started with us is a breeze. Here’s how:


●      We will log into Clearinghouse and accept your request.

●      Call 800-683-7745 or email info@aacscounseling.com.

●      Our friendly assistants will help you with payments, the service agreement, and setting up your appointment.

●      Don’t worry about travel—we’ll meet online through ZOOM. Convenient, right?


Step 3: Initial SAP Evaluation, Recommendation, and Testing


NOTE: This step has many components. We are here to guide you through all of them!


Initial SAP Evaluation:

●     Your first meeting with our Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). They will chat with you to figure out what’s best—Treatment or Education—based on your situation.

Choosing a Provider:

●     Your SAP will give you a list of certified Treatment or Education providers. Pick one from the list. If you want a different one, just tell your SAP to make sure it’s okay.

Costs to Keep in Mind:

●     Remember, the cost of your education or treatment program is separate from the cost of your Initial and Follow-up evaluations. We will work with you to find the cheapest provider!

Screening for Success:

●     After completing your Treatment or Education recommendation, you will do a non-DOT Alcohol and Drug Screen. It’s important to make sure everything’s on track for you to get back to work.


Step 4: Second Meeting with your SAP (Follow-Up Evaluation)

Great news! It’s time for one more meeting with your SAP. Here’s what happens next:


●      Schedule a meeting with your Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

●      Your SAP will update your Clearinghouse record in step 4.

●      Once that’s done, you’re all set to take a return to duty test with your employer.

●      Tell us who you plan to work with so we can send your SAP report and a follow-up testing plan to your employer.


Step 5: RTD Test with Negative Results

Here’s the final stretch of your journey back to work:


●      Your current or new employer will schedule your Return to Duty Test.

●      Once you’ve passed the test, your employer reports the negative result to your Clearinghouse account under Step 5.

●      Great news! With the negative result, you’re officially cleared to RETURN TO DUTY!


Step 6: Follow-Up Testing Plan

Just a heads up about follow-up testing:


●      Your current employer takes care of the Follow-Up Testing Plan. They are in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly.

●      If you get a new job, your old boss shares the plan with your new boss.


SAP Evaluation Fees and Payment Assistance Options


Important Note: These payments cover only the Initial and Follow-Up SAP  Evaluations.

Treatment or Education Recommendation costs are separate and paid directly to the provider.


Option 1: Pay in Full – $375 – CLICK HERE TO PAY $375

●     Pay $375 to cover your Initial SAP Evaluation and Follow-Up SAP Evaluation

Option 2: Split Payment – 2 Payments of $200 – CLICK HERE TO PAY $200


●     $200 DUE TODAY to schedule your Initial SAP Evaluation

●      $200 DUE LATER to schedule your Follow-Up SAP Evaluation

Option 3: AfterPay – 4 Payments of $93.75 Each – CLICK HERE TO PAY WITH AFTERPAY


●      Use AfterPay for 4 interest-free payments

●      Apply through AACS Counseling

●      Pay only $93.75 upfront

●      AfterPay will send us $375 to cover your Initial and Follow-Up SAP Evaluations

●      It’s your responsibility to make the last three payments to AfterPay over time


Option 3: PayPal PayLater – 4 Payments of $93.75 Each – CLICK HERE TO PAY WITH PAYLATER


●      Use PayLater for 4 interest-free payments

●      Apply through AACS Counseling

●      Pay only $93.75 upfront

●      PayPal will send us $375 to cover your Initial and Follow-Up SAP Evaluations

●      It’s your responsibility to make the last three payments to PayPal over time




●      Apply for Your Personal Credit Line

●      Reusable credit line to get No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99+



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