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Alcohol and Drug Evaluation in Marietta.

What is an alcohol and drug evaluation? Why would I need an alcohol and drug evaluation? If you’re on this page it’s because you’re searching for an agency that provides this service.

Most individuals are referred by a judicial officer, parole, probation, or a law enforcement agency via a court mandate to obtain an alcohol and drug evaluation marietta to determine whether the person shows symptoms of active addiction or the possibility of developing such. Some of the charges that could require an alcohol and drug evaluation are possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, reckless driving, assault, battery, theft, or any combination of facts that may raise suspicion of substance abuse.
Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Marietta
Why do I need an alcohol and drug evaluation georgia? The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that individuals begin using drugs for a variety of reasons which include;

  • inability to cope with life
  • to relieve Stress
  • trauma
  • to feel good
  • to feel better
  • to improve performance
  • curiosity
  • peer pressure

The evaluations performed by Alcohol and Drug Evaluation specialists in Georgia often involve the use of a standardized screening tool that helps to assess the severity of one’s substance abuse disorder. The evaluation specialist gathers information from various sources including interviews with acquaintances, medical records, family members, employers, school officials, and other professional references. During this process it is determined whether or not an individual has a serious substance abuse disorder which need to be managed for successful outcomes. Once any issues have been identified they can begin treatment under the direction of therapists who specialize in addiction medicine.

Why choose AACS in Marietta?

Finding the right evaluator and Counseling center can be overwhelming. At AACS, your journey to recovery will be a feasible transition. We believe that you should fully participate in the collaborative recovery process to gain the greatest benefits.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Georgia are often court-ordered and recommended by a criminal defense attorney or probation officer for alcohol or drug-related charges. The most common situations which most often require individuals to seek an alcohol and drug evaluation include charges such as public intoxication, prostitution, reckless driving, disorderly conduct, and possession of controlled substances. When a person finds themself involved in a case brought before a court of law involving intoxication, drunkenness, or substance abuse, the judge might order that person to undergo a court-ordered evaluation to find out if any substance abuse disorders exist before sentencing.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Georgia may include a physical examination, toxicology screenings, interviews and psychological tests. On the basis of the evaluation results, mental health professionals make recommendations to courts or other organizations about substance abuse treatment plans appropriate for each individual’s particular situation. After completing an alcohol and drug assessment, individuals typically receive follow-up care from a case manager who can provide prenatal care services, refer them to affordable housing programs or job skills lessons. Furthermore, they might be connected with support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). In some cases these evaluations also assess any existing co-occurring mental disorders that require additional intervention in order to improve overall functioning in daily life.

The Conclusion

A court-ordered Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Marietta does not have to be an intimidating experience; it can be very positive and life-changing. The conversation you will have with your evaluator can be viewed as an opportunity to learn more about addiction and find the tools and resources needed for rehabilitation. Court-ordered alcohol and Drug Evaluation Marietta provide professional treatment recommendations that can assist an individual in obtaining education and therapy around their alcohol and drug issues—recognizing the presence of a problem is the first step in working towards a resolution and preventing any more legal troubles. Not only will you be in compliance with the court, but it will also ensure that whatever penalty the judge gives is based on evidence instead of judgment.

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