Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Decatur

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Decatur

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Decatur is an assessment that could be sought for many reasons. Dekalb County courts and several criminal justice partners may request an individual who has a pending or a probationary proceeding to obtain an alcohol and drug evaluation.
Alcohol and drug evaluations are in-depth examinations of a person’s substance use in order to make a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. To construct a picture of their substance use in the past, these assessments delve into the type of substance, the dosage, and the frequency with which those substances were used.
Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

Pretrial and probation officers are required to enforce the court’s sentence and conditions by requesting individuals to complete an alcohol and drug evaluation in Decatur and complete any recommendation for Counseling as prescribed by the evaluator. There are several other reasons for seeking an alcohol and drug evaluation. Employment, divorce, child custody, adoption, or a violation of Department of Transportation regulation may result in a mandate for an alcohol and drug evaluation Decatur.

Self-referred clients who seek an alcohol and drug evaluation, are generally attempting to put an end to active substance use. There are several other reasons an individual may seek an alcohol and drug evaluation georgia. Our office is located conveniently in Decatur, GA at 534 Medlock Road with easy access from all major highways, including North Decatur Road, and Scott Blvd.

Clients are highly recommended to fully participate in this collaborative recovery process in order to gain the greatest benefits.  The multi-dimensional approach advocated by the ASAM has led to the development of treatment resources intended to meet clients at different levels of self-awareness and overall readiness.  Regardless of the individual’s level of self-understanding, open-mindedness and willingness to fully engage are critical for long-term abstinence and inner contentment.  Our instructors of the ASAM Level I Substance Abuse Treatment classes are equipped to facilitate a supportive dialogue and provide the necessary resources to evoke sustainable transformation, which has been shown to reduce recidivism and lead to overall well-being.

We offer several effective Counseling with flexible schedules for both working adults and students. To find out more about alcohol and drug evaluation georgia, please call our office at 404-793-6838

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