Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Near me

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Near me

Court-Ordered Alcohol and Drug Evaluations?

A professional Alcohol and Drug Evaluation will involve a comprehensive review of an individual’s history with alcohol and/or drugs, as well as medical, social, work, family or other areas associated with the use. This might include: drug screening, physical examinations to determine whether substance abuse is worsening any existing health conditions; interviewing close friends or family members for corroboration; and taking into account any other psychiatric diagnoses that could be contributing to the issue. After careful consideration of all these details in order to gain a complete picture of the situation at hand, then recommendations can be made regarding treatment pathways such as residential rehabilitation.

It is typically the case that an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Near Me will involve a detailed nursing assessment which takes into consideration past, present as well as emerging symptoms of substance use/abuse or addiction. The psychologist then makes a recommendation based on their analysis to guide the individual’s future treatment and recovery program. Often this would involve detoxification followed by residential rehab or psychotherapy designed to tackle family issues, self-esteem dynamics, underlying trauma etc.

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We conduct the following Evaluations

  • $130 – Regular Rate
  • $89 – When Pre-Paying (Non-DUI)

The Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Georgia is confidentially administered on an outpatient basis to assess addictive behavior for an array of substances, such as methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and alcohol. Throughout the evaluation process, standardized psychometric tests are used alongside documentation including court documents, medical history reports, and prior psychiatric or psychological assessments to investigate all aspects of a person’s substance abuse history and any correlated factors. After this comprehensive interview process has been completed, a highly detailed yet individualized diagnosis with corresponding suggestions for counseling will be available in written format if needed.

Additionally, referrals for additional treatment services may be provided such as therapy, counseling groups, detoxification programs or inpatient rehabilitation centers. The Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Georgia is continually monitored by qualified professionals to ensure that each individual receives a full and comprehensive assessment to help them move forward with positive growth after their evaluation has been completed.

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Our team of experts are certified in providing you the best quality of assessments and evaluations. We also go through extensive training to provide evidence-based practices that have been proven clinically effective for our clients. With this comes our comprehensive approach to our assessment process which includes data gathering, client feedback and a complete review of available material related to the case at hand. This ensures accuracy in all findings as well as objectivity throughout the evaluation process. We understand how difficult it is dealing with legal proceedings and how emotional this can be for many individuals, so we make sure everyone feels comfortable while discussing details or areas of concern during their session(s). Confidentiality is essential when conducting an evaluation and we take pride in ensuring it remains safe with us always. Contact us now if you would like more information or would like to make a referral regarding an evaluation!

for more Information please visit: https://dch.georgia.gov/about-us

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