Because of some unfortunate circumstances, do you have to complete an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation? An Alcohol and Drug Evaluation is a brief compilation of assessments that allow you to get a better understanding of how alcohol substance use has may or may not have affected your life or contributed to you coming into contact with a representative of the Criminal Justice System (Police, Sheriff, District Attorney, etc.) or (Jails, Detention Centers, Prisons, Probation).

Often times, clients look at the evaluation as a “punishment”, but wouldn’t you like an objective point-of-view of how things seem to be working? Our evaluations are conducted by certified and licensed Addiction or Mental Health Counselors who have specialized training in human behavior.

This is how it works; you schedule an appointment and then you meet with an evaluator one-on-one and they will ask you questions related to your Physical/ Medical History, Alcohol and Drug History, your Social History, Legal History, and other background information to get a snapshot of who you are and where you are up to this point in your life. Remember, this is a “snapshot” so it isn’t the full picture. We believe that you are much much more than your experiences and our goal is to tap into who you truly are.

Now, there are times when a recommendation for education or Counseling is issued when the evaluation is completed. Listen, wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? Wouldn’t you want to know how to stay safe and reduce your high-risk choices? We also want to give you an opportunity to tell your truth and take full control over the story that is YOUR LIFE.

We welcome this opportunity to meet you and help you get to know yourself.

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