ASAM Classes

ASAM Classes

ASAM classes are recommended at different levels after the preliminary evaluation and assessment. The recommendation for ASAM Classes is based on several different criteria. It is specific to each individual’s situations and needs.

The clinician who originally conducted the evaluation will recommend an intensive schedule of ASAM classes that address many issues, some of which don’t initially involve drug use, abuse, or addiction. The level of ASAM classes assigned to an individual will depend on the individual’s personal needs to change.  Treatment includes life skills and coping strategies to overcome adversities, addiction, and  the ability to handle everyday situations that will arise while trying to recover.

American Alternative Court Services provides three types of therapy treatments that are obligatory to effectively complete the assigned ASAM classes. The first type of treatment in ASAM Classes is group therapy, where individuals meet in a group setting to discuss all issues and reservations that may prevent a person from completing the course. The second type of therapy in relation to ASAM is Relationship groups. These allow for family members and loved ones to become engaged in the recovery process by dealing with any resentment, anger, and disappointment associated with co-dependency. The last type of therapy treatment as related to ASAM, which I find very helpful personally, is group therapy. I believe the point of the group is to help find similarities and differences in others’ addiction to initiate healthy discussions that help find alternative coping mechanisms that may differ from your own that can help ease the road to recovery.

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