DUI Clinical Evaluation Decatur

DUI Clinical Evaluation Decatur

DUI Clinical Evaluation

A DUI Clinical Evaluation Decatur is a court-mandated evaluation, usually ordered by the sentencing judge as part of the probationary terms and conditions. It can be conducted pre or post formal court proceedings. Being proactive and obtaining an evaluation in advance of a court appearance shows accountability and it is viewed favorably.

The evaluation is conducted in a written format followed by an in-person, face-to-face interview with a clinician. A drug and alcohol test will be administered to assess recent or current alcohol or drug usage. A detailed case presentation is prepared and provided at the conclusion of the interview. In cases of multiple DUIs, further collateral information and interview may be required to complete the assessment. An evaluation consists of a one-hour appointment with a clinical evaluator who must be an approved provider by the Georgia DUI Intervention authority.

We conduct the following Evaluations

Our evaluators have over 25 years of expertise in the criminal justice and substance abuse recovery field. They are subject matter experts in DUI Court and Drug court operations, whether it be pretrial or post-adjudication (probation). While the process may seem overwhelming, we try our best to make it a friendly and comfortable situation. Our goal is to assist individuals in getting through tough times without additional stressors. Your evaluation will be conducted in a fair and expeditious manner utilizing all current assessment tools and techniques. For further about the entire.
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