LegitScript Addiction Treatment Provider Certification Standards

1. Business Registration

The applicant must be duly registered as a corporate entity or legal person (e.g., as a Limited Liability Company) in the state or jurisdiction where it appears to offer services.

2. Compliance

The applicant must comply with state legal and regulatory licensing requirements for addiction treatment facilities or other activities it is engaged in, as applicable.

3. Domain Name Registration

The applicant’s domain name, if it advertises using its own website, must be accurate and transparently registered (it may not be privacy protected). The applicant must also provide all domain name and websites under its control.

4. Website Content

The applicant’s website must conspicuously disclose the physical address of the facility/ies where services are rendered and the nature of services provided.

5. Policies and Procedures

The applicant must provide written policies and procedures demonstrating a commitment to best practices, effective recovery and continuous improvement, and must list the actual treatment or intervention services offered or recommended by the program (e.g., types of psychosocial therapies offered, whether FDA-approved medications are included in the treatment protocol if applicable, whether there are specialized services for specific population group such as adolescents).

6. Qualifications

The applicant must provide resumes of the business owner, of business leadership, and of treatment professionals on staff, establishing that the applicant’s staff have expertise and training in addiction treatment, including a medical director and/or a clinical psychologist with addiction training. In some cases, an on-site medical practitioner will be required.

7. Facility Location

The applicant must provide documents proving ownership or such other lease agreement (or for MSGs, permission to use) for the physical location. In general, privately owned (or “recovery”) residences will not be eligible for certification.

8. Professional Setting

The addiction facility must be in a professional (business), not residential, setting, as must any other addiction treatment settings, including but not limited to residences, to which the applicant refers participants.

9. Background and History

Applicant, including key staff, must submit to criminal background checks conducted at LegitScript’s request, and must disclose any prior criminal, regulatory, or civil violations. Applicant must also disclose any litigation commenced, resolved or otherwise addressed that involves applicant at any time over the past ten years. Prior offenses or other bad acts, including any prior regulatory discipline may be a disqualifying factor, in LegitScript’s sole discretion. Additionally, neither the applicant nor any other business under applicant’s current or former control may have been listed on HHS’s List of Excluded Individuals/Entities within the last five years.

10. Facility Disclosure

Applicant must disclose all physical properties and corporate entities under its control and/or to which it refers participants. Any such properties or entities that provide addiction treatment services must also adhere to these standards.

11. Insurance

Applicant must maintain and provide proof of insurance to operate an addiction treatment facility or service.

12. Privacy

The applicant must comply with all provisions of applicable laws and regulations, and HIPAA or similar privacy provisions.

13. Business Practices

None of the applicant’s business practices may engage in practices or extend offers that may deceive or defraud patients or the public in any way, including but not limited to any material detail regarding the treatment facility.

14. Medication Assisted Treatment

Any use or recommended use of pharmaceutical interactions shall be limited to drugs that are approved by the appropriate regulatory authority (e.g., the US Food and Drug Administration) for such purpose, and may not rely on miracle cures, designer drugs, unapproved drugs or other products on LegitScript’s “Red Flag” list such as Kratom or Ayahuasca.

15. Incentives

The applicant must disclose all incentives offered or provided to patients or clients to use the applicant’s services. In general, applicants that offer incentives such as offering to pay for travel will not be eligible for approval.

16. Transparency

Failure to provide full and accurate information as requested, in LegitScript’s sole discretion, will result in denial. Applicants may undertake reasonable remedial action during the certification process without penalty.

17. Co-Ownership

Co-ownership of, or any formal or informal business affiliation with, lead generators (as defined in the certification application) is prohibited. Upon submission of your application, any affiliation with a lead generator may be grounds for immediate denial.

18. Unapproved Advertising

Applicants seen advertising on Google, Bing, or Facebook without LegitScript certification are presumed to be attempting to circumvent the goals of the LegitScript certification program and its partners’ goals. If such advertising is seen on either platform, it may be grounds for certification denial.

19. On-Site Inspections

You agree that LegitScript may conduct on-site inspections of your facility/ies, and you will in no way restrict LegitScript access.

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