LGBTQ Drug Rehab in Atlanta

LGBTQ Drug Rehab in Atlanta

Specialized LGBTQ Drug Rehab in Atlanta facilities can be very beneficial for individuals with mild substance abuse problems seeking sobriety. An outpatient rehabilitation program offers drug and alcohol treatment sessions that can be maintained in accordance with a patient’s schedule while meeting the requirements for a successful outcome. A patient has more flexibility to attend meetings and appointments at various times throughout the week. This schedule allows patients to continue with their personal responsibilities and to continue living on their own but they are required to check into the outpatient rehab treatment at their designated times for counseling. Outpatient programs come in a variety of formats, differing levels of intensity, and offer an array of services. The general focus is on education and providing a support network.

LGBTQ Drug Rehab in Atlanta gives individuals the ability to further their dedication to sobriety by maintaining the accountability that’s recommended for long-term recovery. This treatment option allows individuals to continue the progress and growth they’ve obtained from counseling, medication, and general professional support in a less restrictive setting. Initiating treatment with an intensive outpatient program will offer support mechanisms and educational tools to further build a foundation for lifelong sobriety. An initial clinical assessment will determine one’s suitability for the intensive treatment program and is typically recommended for those who do not need medically-supervised detox. In an intensive outpatient program, the patient continues their everyday life with clinical, emotional, and peer support systems.

ASAM or the American Society of Addiction Medicine is a physician-led community that is dedicated to the care of patients with addictions, providing a results-based program in prevention, treatment, remission, and recovery. ASAM defines addiction as a chronic brain disease and treats each patient individually based on extensive scientific research.

Certain criteria have been established to focus on treatment outcomes that help the patient reach a multidimensional strategy in understanding the principles of addiction and how to ultimately maintain a healthy lifestyle. The support an individual receives from ASAM classes and the results that can be achieved by responsibly participating in one’s recovery is invaluable to a desired quality of life.

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