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Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

We are a diverse staff of doctors, counselors, social workers, and clinicians. AACS Atlanta is a private, nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive substance abuse treatment services to the Atlanta metropolitan area. Our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable treatment services for those in need.

Quality Medical Services

We offer a full range of medical services including HIV and STD testing, medical evaluation, and diagnosis for substance use disorders and other mental health disorders.

Affordable & Convenient Treatment Options

Our Alcohol and Drug Evaluations programs are available at various levels of intensity to meet your needs. We also offer sliding scale fees for those who qualify.

24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 access to our care team via phone or email. They can help you find the program that best fits your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Diverse staff

The staff at AACS Atlanta is highly trained and qualified to provide the best care possible. We are always at the forefront of new technologies and our treatment methods are both innovative and effective.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

We offer a complete range of services for individuals seeking help with addiction issues. Our services include alcohol and drug evaluation georgia, counseling, psychotherapy, education, referrals, case management, and intervention services.

Counseling Services

Individuals who are in need of addiction treatment can receive counseling services at AACS Atlanta. Counseling services can be beneficial for individuals who need help with mental health problems or other issues that may be contributing to substance abuse.

Social Work Services

Social work services are available for those who need assistance with things like housing, employment, or education in order to maintain sobriety.

We care about you

AACS Atlanta was established with the goal to provide drug and alcohol addiction treatment to people in Georgia. We are a diverse staff of doctors, counselors, social workers, and clinician all working together to give you the best care possible.

You can count on us

We are committed to providing a full range of high-quality services in a compassionate and supportive environment. You can be confident that our team is dedicated to providing the most effective treatments available.

Expertise you can trust

Our staff consists of doctors, counselors, social workers, and clinician all specializing in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. They work together with one goal in mind: your treatment plan tailored specifically for your needs.

What type of evaluation do you need?

We can perform a comprehensive assessment to determine if a person is abusing drugs or alcohol. We also offer on-site evaluations, which are completed at the clinic. With this service, you won’t have to take time off from work to travel to our office.

Safe & confidential services: We use the most up-to-date technology to make sure your visit is safe and confidential.

Innovative treatments: We offer a variety of innovative treatments such as medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help you get sober.

Knowledgeable staff: Our staff consists of knowledgeable professionals that will take you to step by step through the rehab process.

Empathetic care: We are compassionate towards each and every one of our patients because we’ve been there too.

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