Family Violence Intervention Program

FVIP Classes

The Family Violence Intervention Program FVIP allows for personal, emotional and psychological development in the area of responsiveness to feelings of anger, violence and maladaptive reactions. Most adults were not taught how to respond to situations, feelings, and emotions. Our partnership will allow you to learn these new skills rather quickly, so you can communicate with your loved ones in a loving and healthy manner.

Men’s Group – Women’s Group

Our Family Violence Intervention Program and Anger Management classes are designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of one’s individual anger triggers and responses.AACS Atlanta offers a 24-week COURT-APPROVED Family Violence Intervention Program in Many Cities of Georgia

It is neither realistic nor possible to completely eliminate anger and violence, therefore, the goal of Anger Management classes and the Family Violence Intervention Program is to learn how to cope with and express anger in a healthy way. In FVIP classes, we discuss the difference between anger, hostility, aggression, and violence, so that participants can appropriately define and express their experience. Additionally, the Family Violence Intervention Program FVIP classes curriculum is designed to address the effects of anger on the body, behavior, mind and how it can lead to violence. These interactive FVIP classes include various case studies and scenarios that address specific, anger-inducing situations in order to facilitate group dialogues related to appropriate and healthy responses. Additionally, clients will be challenged to objectively question their initial reactions and consequently reframe it to a healthier perspective to reduce emotional saliency and regain self-control

Children are victims of Family Violence

In order to assist participants in changing behavior, the classes are separated and conducted with gender-specific peers. Cognitive-behavioral interventions, role play and honest discussions about behavior and perception are part of each class. Positive changes can take place in families who are willing to do the work and restore their happiness.


  • Family Violence Intervention Program FVIP for LGBTQ Families.
  • Family Violence Intervention Program FVIP at AACS

You can also check out the State Website for additional information on the Family Violence Intervention Program of Georgia. visit here: https://gcfv.georgia.gov/about-us

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