The Troubling Rise in Cannabis Use amongst DOT-Regulated Transportation workers.

The Troubling Rise in Cannabis Use amongst DOT-Regulated Transportation workers.

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In recent months, we have witnessed a worrisome 9.2% increase in truck drivers returning positive drug tests, specifically for marijuana. What compounds this issue is the unsettling revelation that many of these individuals are neglecting enrollment in the imperative return-to-work programs, as corroborated by federal Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse data. To put this into context, as of the close of March, a staggering 110,856 drivers have registered positive test results since the Clearinghouse’s inauguration in January 2021, with a notable 9,344 cases arising in the initial quarter of 2023.

This predicament is further exacerbated by the revelation that, as of the same date, 129,100 drivers remain in prohibited status subsequent to failing drug tests mandated by the Department of Transportation. Astonishingly, 97,833 of them have yet to initiate the vital return-to-work program, even though 19,413 are currently eligible for retesting.

“In 2022, the overall urine drug positivity rate in the U.S. workforce persisted at 4.6% — marking the highest level in over two decades,” as reported by Quest. “While marijuana played a significant role in the spike in positive results within the U.S. workforce, amphetamines positivity also contributed to this surge.”

We acknowledge the crucial role of Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) and individuals who have faced drug-related offenses. This is where the SAP Education Institute steps in: an online, accessible, and highly effective platform. Our platform caters to a diverse array of roles, from truck drivers to flight attendants. With interventions such as cognitive restructuring, emotional exploration, mindfulness, and solution-focused thinking, you can rest assured that you or your clients will receive the most comprehensive SAP Education available. We are also focused on accessibility and reach with our platform, which is why our courses begin at just 39.95.

If you share our dedication to addressing the challenges of substance abuse or require assistance and counsel, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Together, we can make a substantial impact in upholding the integrity of our industry and ensuring the safety of our drivers.

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