DUI Evaluation(s) Georgia

DUI Evaluation(s) Georgia

DUI Evaluations

Many people may not know this but a DUI charge (DUI Evaluation) on your record is not only an offense but also a potential to lose everything. This type of charge can stay on your record for several years, which means that it can affect your ability to keep or get a job. A lot of states have adopted a zero-tolerance policy to driving under the influence which means that you will be dealing with some type of serious penalty if you are found guilty.

At the same time state and local governments are also deciding to take a more proactive and compassionate approach to DUIs by trying to get people the help they need to stop their habits of getting behind the wheel while inebriated. One of these proactive approaches include having DUI offenders undergo DUI Evaluations. Although hearing that you must take a DUI evaluation can be intimidating when you are already dealing with legal trouble, there is nothing to worry about.

DUI evaluations are set in place to help your DUI case so it is always best to be truthful whereas not being truthful during the assessment could cause you to end up with even more serious penalties. A lot like any other type of medical consultation, DUI evaluations last around an hour to ninety minutes. During the time of the evaluation, you will speak with a substance abuse professional who will ask you a certain number of questions about your current and past habits. You may very well be asked to fill out a questionnaire such as an alcohol use inventory.

If you are asked about personal relationships and work history this information can be used to find out if drinking or using drugs has affected those parts of your life. A mental health screening is also a normal part of DUI evaluations as a means to find out if you may have any underlying health conditions that affect your ability to avoid driving under the influence.At the end of the evaluation, once all of the information is gathered, the evaluator will review it along with other possible evidence from your arrest. If you have any prior history when it comes to DUI’s this can also be used for assessment purposes.

At the end of the DUI evaluation, all the information and results will be put together in a single report. If it is found that you are at risk of having a substance abuse problem or getting another DUI, then you may be referred to seek further treatment

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