SAP Evaluation Stage

DOT (Department of Transportation) requires the SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) to conduct evaluations for employees in safety-sensitive positions as regulated by (DOT). DOT has made it legitimate for all the companies to conduct the pre-employment, post-accident, random or reasonable suspicion, and return-to-duty drug and alcohol tests for the employees holding commercial driver licenses (CDLs). Our counsellors are well qualified who follow the step by step procedure needed to help you through the process of RTD (Return to Duty) as specified by DOT as against the violation of its drug and alcohol rules’.

Who needs SAP Evaluation?

  1. An employee who tests positive for drugs or alcohol.
  2. An employee who holds CDL.
  3. An employee has to obtain a substance abuse evaluation as the condition of the employment or for continued employment.

DOT-SAP Evaluation involves two steps:

  1.     The first stage SAP Evaluation involves
  • Face-to-face clinical interview and assessment.

To determine if the substance abuse problem exists or no and if it does then, what level of treatment shall be needed.

  • The further recommendation in the form of treatment for drug/ alcohol addiction or education(as determined by our SAP)
  • Continuous monitoring of the employee under the treatment process.

       2.The follow-up SAP Evaluation includes

  • Follow-up session that helps SAP to determine successful completion of treatment and thus, provide Notice a “Notice of Compliance,” or a “Notice of Noncompliance,” depending upon the employee’s performance throughout the programme.
  • Recommendations for further education or treatment (if needed)
  • Aftercare suggestions (as deemed necessary)
  • Written report to DER (Designated Employer Representative)

If the employer is satisfied with the report, he can order the conduct of Return to Duty test which should have a negative result to get you back on board, however, if it turns out to be positive you have to undergo the assessment and follow the program repeatedly, till you are deemed fit.


The clearinghouse has been introduced as the secured online database to maintain records about the CDL(Commercial Driving Licence) drivers’ who are covered by FMCSA’s drug and alcohol program. This also includes drivers with commercial learner’s permits (CLPs).

DOT has made the clearinghouse SAP evaluation mandatory for the employees who test positive for drug or alcohol abuse. SAP is the user in the Clearinghouse who is also required to register himself on the clearinghouse. As soon as the driver is found positive he must register on the FMCSA Clearinghouse and contact SAP professional. The list of the qualified DOT SAPs may be provided by your employer so that you can fix your appointment as soon as to complete the return-to-duty process.


  • The driver registers himself on the clearinghouse where the employer then, enters the violation record on the driver’s name.
  • The driver receives a notification in the form of e-mail or text that information has been entered on his record.
  • The driver can now access the list of qualified SAPs and choose one which he wishes to.
  • Similarly, SAP receives the push-up notification from the clearinghouse mentioning the driver’s name in the form of his connection request.
  • The SAP clicks on “Accept Request” or “Deny Request” following which he can see the driver’s records if he accepts the request.
  • On the initial assessment, SAP intimates the driver about his treatment recommendation and also enters the date of the final assessment meeting.
  • SAP, after determining that the driver has successfully complied with the treatment, enters the date of the demonstration which serves as the means for the employer who then, orders the conduct of Return to Duty test.

The result of the RTD test must be negative to get back on your duty else, you have to undergo the treatment procedure again (education or treatment) as suggested by SAP.

Substance Abuse Professional Evaluation at AACS

SAP, Substance Abuse Professional is a certified person who is accountable for conducting the drug and alcohol assessment. Addition is a major problem in United States and this problem witnessed an increase during the pandemic. Stress and anxiety became the reason of this increase. Person driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drug poses direct threat to safety of people. Taking assistance from substance abuse professional can solve this issue in an effective way.

Complete process of SAP evaluation starts with a personal interview. After looking at the medical history and drug test report, the counselor asks several questions about the personal life, social life and lifestyle of the addicted person. They try to analyze the reasons behind the problem and also enquire from friends and family members about the person.

There is nothing to worry about the evaluation as SAP; substance abuse professionals are there to help you in best possible way. A proper treatment plan is prepared by the experienced SAP to ensure that the problem of addiction is gone permanently. There are cases where the person again starts taking drug and alcohol after taking the treatment. SAP keeps in touch with the person to monitor the condition even after the treatment is done.

If your employer or court has ordered you to take the evaluation, then it is imperative to take the sessions regularly. Permission to return back to work will not be granted to the employee who has not followed the treatment plan.

To get a valid review report, you must get the evaluation done from an authentic place. American Alternative Court Services has 25 years of experience in providing outpatient addiction counseling and addiction counseling to people in Atlanta. A team of doctors, SAP substance abuse professional and psychotherapists works together in order to eradicate the difficulty of substance abuse from the society. Fill the signup form to get the evaluation done in a convenient manner.

Importance of DOT Assessments

DOT assessments are recommended by the Department of Transportation for people who have been charged of consuming alcohol and drugs during duty hours. This assessment is very essential for individuals working in transportation industry. Violation of rules and concern for public safety makes this assessment mandatory for employees. A person can return back to work only after successfully completing the DOT assessment and counseling sessions with substance abuse professionals.

The evaluation for drugs and alcohol is crucial for truck drivers, ship captains, train engineers, pilots and so on. When employees related to these occupations want to return-to duty or have done any accident, then they are supposed to have DOT assessments for the employer or court. Report of such evaluation is an important document if you have any case running in the court. It can be helpful in minimizing the duration of sentence.

If you have been accused of reckless driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, then you must get the assessment done from a reliable center. The American Alternative Court Services has a team of expert counselors and substance abuse professionals who ensure that an extensive and personalised plan is designed for every patient.

Right from physiological and psychological tests are conducted by the professionals to evaluate the present condition, behavior pattern and severity of addiction. After this, comprehensive sessions and interviews are conducted for the patients by the counselors. When the person is able to follow the plan and recover from the addiction, he or she gets a green signal to return back to duty.

Whether you are an employer or a person who is willing to undergo DOT assessments, then don’t forget to contact AACS. Just sign up the form and get the procedure done without facing any trouble. Staff and counselors help in the evaluation with a friendly approach. Best possible treatment plan is prescribed to live a healthy and happy life.

Online Family Violence Class By AACS Atlanta

The word ‘family violence’ is not just restricted to physical abuse. It also includes emotional, sexual and economical harm. This situation arises when a person tries to control the behaviour and actions of other people in the family. Threats, violence and fear make it difficult for the victim to survive and live a free life. If the abnormal mentality of any person does not get proper attention and treatment on time, it may lead to severe situations like murder and suicide. The online family violence class from AACS helps people to become normal and leave the tendency of harming others.

If you feel that you or any other family member needs counseling related to family violence, then AACS 24-week online family violence class can do wonders. Approved by the court, this program has shown wonderful results in terms of behavior transformation.

This online program helps the people to discuss and open up about their trigger points that lead to anger and aggression. Sometimes people don’t know how to react in a particular situation and they start showing abnormal reactions such as anger and violence. In this particular program, people are suggested some better ways to handle the anger and respond in any situation.

Behaviour of any person does not change overnight. It requires lots of patience. Online family violence class lets the person understand the more healthy way of responding by demonstrating through case studies and different scenarios.

Family is a happy place and there should not be any space for violence. Especially kids who witness the violence can experience trauma and develop some fears for lifetime. Counselors at AACS try their best to bring a change via online family violence class. Separate classes for different genders and participants are allowed to express their perception and discuss their trigger points. So, fill the form for classes and experience a good change in the family.

DUI Out of State Evaluation at AACS

DUI online out of state evaluation is necessary for individuals who are charged with driving under influence outside Georgia. This may be a complicated procedure because every state has its own laws related to substance abuse. In some states, it is also referred to as Driving While Impaired. Because the person is charged by the officials of other state, proper evaluation is ordered by the court and employer. Being connected with public safety, all the aspects must be analysed before allowing the person to drive again.

The online out of state evaluation is done by the professional counselors at American Alternative Court Services in a hassle-free manner. Patient needs to book an appointment with AACS and submit all the documents that are given by other state and Department of Driver’s Services.

This evaluation is done to understand the behavior of the driver towards the substance abuse. A complete report is prepared after a thorough session with the individual to determine whether he or she can pursue driving or not. Though the duration of the session is approximately one hour but in certain cases, when the person has more than one DUI arrest, a lengthy session can be expected.

Facility of online evaluation has made it easy for the people to get the assessment done without visiting the center. It also makes the procedure faster. The reports and evaluation by AACS is carried out by verified and experienced staff. Consultation and interview session with the counselors would be considered as the base for further treatment. AACS understands the problems that can arise in out of state evaluations, so careful assessment of the accused is done and that too in a limited time to facilitate next process.

So, sign up the form at AACS for online out of state evaluation and make it easy for you to get back to work.

DUI Intervention Program by AACS

Driving under influence of alcohol and drug can be a serious threat to public safety. A person who is charged of DUI has to undergo an assessment in order to return back to duty. Without the successful completion of the evaluation and treatment, the person cannot drive according to the department of transportation. AACS provides DUI intervention classes to the people who have been charged of driving after substance abuse. Certified by Georgia Department of Driver’s Services, the classes can be very helpful for the addicts.

The complete procedure of enrolling in the DUI intervention program starts by completing an assessment. Different questions are asked in the assessment to determine the actual condition of a person. The severity of addiction, social life, behaviour and various other details are collected through this assessment. $100 are charged for completing the assessment at AACS and payment can be done online easily through various options. Payment is done through a secured gateway.

Being a student of DUI intervention program, you are supposed to attend the classes on time and regularly. Classes are organised on both weekdays and weekends. The student is required to be punctual for the course. Any kind of carelessness would result in repeating the course again.

Duration of the complete DUI intervention course is 20 hours. Various classroom sessions are conducted to educate people about the harmful effects of substance abuse. Driving after taking certain medication may also be considered as DUI. $260 is the fees of this risk reduction course that is essential for accused to attend according to Georgia State Law.

If your employer or court has asked you to attend a DUI intervention program, then without any hesitation, contact American Alternative Court Services. The counselors and staff at AACS help in treating and recovering the addiction problem in the patients in a friendly manner.

Reliable Online SAP Evaluation in Atlanta

Getting rid of substance abuse is important to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. If you have got this addiction and need proper treatment and counseling for recovering, then American Alternative Court Services should be the place to contact.

Online SAP evaluation is becoming very common these days because of the convenience it provides to the patients.

What happens in online SAP evaluation?

To prevent such situation, the patient has to take appointments for checking the post-recovery condition.

AACS provides computerized screening, assessments, telephone-based recovery support and Tele-health therapy as part of online SAP evaluation. If you are looking for addiction counseling help that is more convenient, flexible, and affordable, then contact American Alternative Court Services.

How AACS Helps in Virtual Alcohol and Drug Evaluation?

Virtual alcohol and drug evaluation is done to treat addiction of various substances like heroin, marijuana, cocaine, etc.

Purpose of online alcohol and drug evaluation

The assessment is important to understand the mental thought process behind the consumption. For example, there was a hike in addiction cases because of the increased levels of stress among some people.

These days, even courts accept the final report of virtual alcohol and drug evaluation along with other major documents.

Whereas some counselors can charge very high prices, The American Alternative Court Services charge very reasonable prices from the patients. You just need to pay $100 as regular price and $89 on pre-payment. Isn’t it a nominal price for having a great life?

When things get out of control and you feel like slave to addiction, getting help from the team of expert counselors and doctors can be a great idea. AACS has verified and licensed professionals who guide the patient in friendly manner. Don’t wait more and fill the sign up form for personalized online alcohol and drug evaluation. If you know someone facing an addiction problem, then refer the assessment to him or her for betterment of the society.

Different Steps in Online Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

To help the addicts in recovering from addiction problem, virtual alcohol and drug evaluation is done by AACS. This counseling and assessment is important for the individuals who want to get back to work after successfully completing the evaluation.

When a person has charges of substance abuse against them, the court orders them to get the evaluation done. Online alcohol and drug evaluation provides the convenience of getting the consultation and assessments done by staying at home.

The evaluation process has four stages: screening, assessment, follow-up and referral. American Alternative Court Services specialises in alcohol and drug evaluation. There is a team of doctors, counselors and social workers who have been providing help to people in overcoming the habit of drug and alcohol consumption. The rehab service is very helpful for local criminal justice system.
First step of virtual alcohol and drug evaluation is screening. At this stage various questions are asked to determine the presence of disorders and symptoms related to addiction. The questions can be answered in simple yes or no.

Second step is assessment that involves deep analysis of problem and chalking out of treatment plan for fast recovery of patient. This assessment may include questions related to family background, social life, drug abuse history. It plays a vital role for counselors to prescribe the treatment.
Follow-up is the third step for addiction treatment. Patients must take sessions to ensure complete recovery and prevent the urge to take alcohol after the treatment.

Sometimes a person need special help from different resources and cannot be treated with limited number of sessions. In this case, the patient is referred to the concerned person for further process of treatment.
Now that you are clear with the steps followed in the evaluation, you may book an appointment for virtual alcohol and drug evaluation at AACS.