DUI Evaluations Georgia

DUI Evaluations Georgia

DUI Evaluations

Being charged with a DUI is not only a crime; it is also an easy way to lose out on many opportunities in life. Driving on the road and finding jobs that require you to be behind the wheel of a moving vehicle can become a hassle. DUI charges can remain on your record for several years. Unfortunately, many states have adopted prohibition policies for driving under the influence of alcohol.

This means that if found guilty, individuals can face severe penalties and be prohibited from participating in certain activities by law. At the same time, state and local governments have also decided to take a more proactive and compassionate approach to DUI offenders by allowing them to get the help they need to break the habit of drinking and driving. One such proactive approach requires DUI offenders to have a DUI evaluation at their own expense.

It can be intimidating to hear that you have to do a DUI evaluation if you are already dealing with legal issues, but there is no need to worry. The DUI evaluation is set up to help with DUI cases, so it’s always best to be truthful about any habits that pertain to driving under the influence. Any form of disloyalty during the assessment can result in penalties.

As with other medical consultations, the DUI assessment lasts from 1 hour to 90 minutes. During the evaluation, you will speak with a substance abuse specialist who will ask you several questions about your current and past habits. You may be asked to complete a questionnaire, such as an alcohol use inventory. During the evaluation, you will be asked about your personal, work, family, and health history. This information will be used to find out if alcohol or drug use has affected these areas of your life.

A mental health screening is also a normal part of the DUI assessment as a means of finding out if you have any underlying mental health conditions that affect your ability to avoid drinking and driving. Once collected, the evaluator will review it and other possible evidence of your arrest. At the end of the evaluation, all information and results are gathered in one report. You may be referred for additional treatment if you are found to be at risk of having another substance abuse occurrence or DUI charge.

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