DUI School -RRP Atlanta

DUI School -RRP Atlanta

If your recent arrest or charge involves a DUI offense there is immediate help as far as what needs to be done to save your license and avoid further penalties. DUI classes are usually the consequence for offenders that are found guilty or plead guilty to a first DUI/DWI charge. Along with being expensive and costly, having a DUI on your record can lead to very serious legal matters that can lead to jail time or a permanent criminal record.

The first step to taking action and taking responsibility for convicted DUI offenders would be to participate in DUI education and treatment programs also known as DUI classes or DUI school. These classes do not come cheap and are also at the expense of the person undergoing these classes. The required amount of time and classes that a person must attend to satisfy their DUI school requirements varies on a case by case basis. DUI evaluations or assessments can help better determine the extent of the alcohol problem or DUI issue that a person has, and how many classes in DUI school a person will need. Once properly enrolled into DUI school you will be focusing on a number of topics dealing with driving under the influence. Your facilitator will talk about how alcohol and other drugs affect driving performance and safety.

The legal and personal consequences of a DUI conviction will be discussed as well as ways to avoid driving under the influence to prevent a future conviction. Participants will also be guided by first taking responsibility for their actions and consequences. Committing to ending the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs is a big step as well as planning to avoid recurring situations by making better and healthier choices. Oftentimes after the completion of all of the required DUI classes, a follow-up interview will be scheduled in order to assess the success in meeting the DUI school goals and to reinforce strategies for avoiding drinking and driving that was developed during the DUI school.

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