Family Violence Intervention Program Georgia

Family Violence Intervention Program Georgia

Family Violence Intervention Program

One thing about domestic violence and family violence Intervention program Marietta, these types of violent acts can affect any of us. Anyone we come across can be a victim or perpetrator of domestic and family violence regardless of gender, age, race, religion, or circumstance. This makes it one of the most costly and pervasive problems in the United States. On average, nearly twenty people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner or family member in the United States. This equates to more than 10 million women and men during a one-year period. Although many people focus on the physical aspect of this type of violence, it also includes behaviors that evoke fear in victims and prevent them from behaving the way they desire.

Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP) addresses these abusive behaviors and replaces controlling ones. These programs include twenty-four weeks of professional treatment focused on the education and behavioral changes of family and domestic violence offenders. It is not an anger management program. The Family Violence Intervention Program Decatur is designed for those who have been charged with a battery crime and those who recognize that they have the inclination and habit of losing their temper and striking or in some other way trying to control another person. These are prime candidates for those looking to join this program. With each session, it is essential that you register for an FVIP program to make sure that it is certified by the Commission on Family Violence in your state. This is a state-appointed, governmental-appointed affiliation. When you enroll in a program, you want to make sure that the program is absolutely certified.

These Family Violence Intervention Program Georgia implement an evidence-based curriculum that addresses the core elements of power and control that foster violent families and partnerships. In addition, accountability, psychoeducation, and peer support elements enhance the effectiveness of such programs. With time and persistent efforts, the Family Violence Intervention Program can address an individual’s unhealthy behaviors and beliefs related to violence, abuse, power, and control by providing psychoeducation, accountability, and healthy alternatives. The Family Violence Intervention Program aims to increase the safety of current and future victims by addressing the perpetrators’ behavior and providing non-violent options that promote safe and sound relationships.

Ultimately the Family Violence Intervention Program promotes nonviolence in family and domestic relationships. It is essential that you understand the wheel of violence and how to change the wheel when the wheel has gone flat. Clients are taught how to negotiate and be fair with their partner utilizing non-threatening behaviors, words, and gestures. During the twenty-four weeks, principle skills will be introduced to help clients become more trusting people and support their families and others. One of the hallmarks of a Family Violence Intervention Program Atlanta is being taught how to tell the truth, teaching what needs to be said when the truth is being told; this helps an individual become more accountable, ultimately leading to relationships where they can be trusted. Along with the teachings about being accountable and trustworthy, parenting skills are also taught during FVIP programs. You will find that many FVIP programs will go over fatherhood and motherhood skills that can help with accountability and trust. This program will not only help you get over the thought of committing violent acts, but it is also designed with an end goal of making you a better father, mother, daughter, son, or partner.

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