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Employees who earn their living through safety-sensitive duties performed under the US Department of Transportation are required to have an evaluation done by a qualified Substance Abuse Professional when they are caught violating the DOT regulations. The DOT rules make it mandatory for an employee who works in a safety-sensitive position covered by DOT, to return to their job once the SAP’s recommendations and evaluations have been documented.

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Who Are SAP?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) identifies the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) as a qualified individual who performs the job of evaluating individuals who have breached the DOT alcohol regulation and guides them further in the DOT regulation guidelines, recovery treatment, and aftercare. Any employee who violates the regulations is required to consult a Substance Abuse Professional in order to legally return to duty.
A SAP’s role is to protect public safety related to the transportation mechanism.

How The SAP Assessment Process Works

Employees who get terminated from their job on the basis of DOT rules violation must obtain an SAP evaluation and fulfil the responsibilities before returning back to work. The evaluation process includes the following stages:

Face to face interviews – The first stage involves a SAP to determine whether the substance abuse problem exists or not. This initial evaluation is necessary for the course of treatment that will be taking place in the future.

 An evaluation report is prepared and shared with the employer.

 Regular contact is maintained with the treatment provider for ensuring the treatment plan being followed and maintenance of the recommended level of service.

 Then comes the follow-up evaluation to determine the completion of the recommended treatment.

 Lat stage involves the issue of Return to Duty slip for the appointment that will permit employee for Return to Duty.

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