Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Evaluations

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Evaluations

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Too much of everything is bad. So is the case with so-called leisure drugs. SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) is required to conduct evaluations by DOT (Department of Transportation) for all the employees working in the safety-sensitive positions. The regulations are updated by DOT itself. Hereby, all the individuals holding the commercial driving license (CDL) are required to get themselves tested for:

  • Pre-employment,
  • Post-accident,
  • In presence of reasonable suspicion, and
  • Drug and Alcohol tests under Return-to-duty (RTD)

This is a legitimate process ordered by DOT.

The purpose of SAP evaluation is to make sure that employees in case-sensitive duties remain mentally and physically fit on/off the job. Any individual who tests positive for drug and alcohol abuse is referred to SAP for evaluation. He can only return to his duty after going through the (RTD-Return To Duty) process as specified by DOT against the violence committed in terms of Drug and Alcohol abuse. 

SAP himself is a user in the clearinghouse who is also required to register himself for conducting evaluations.

If you face the same situation, you can fix your appointment as soon as possible to qualify the RTD process and re-join your position.

SAP evaluation involves the following stages:

  • Clinical interview 

This stage helps SAP in finding the presence of a problem with the person under evaluation. It leads with a simple yes or no, directing the presence or absence of underlying issues with a person’s behavior or habit. 

  • Assessment: 

Once the problem has been diagnosed, it is followed by a deep understanding of the nature of the patient’s problem, followed by the treatment suggestion for handling his violent nature or drug abuse.

  • The follow-up SAP Evaluation:

SAP determines the positive completion of the patient’s treatment under him. On the completion of the whole process, he has to issue

  • Notice with a “Notice of Compliance,” or a “Notice of Noncompliance,” depending upon the employee’s performance throughout the treatment program under him.
  • Additional educational classes or treatment (if needed) along with post-care suggestions, if deemed necessary.
  • Final written report to DER (Designated Employer Representative)

If you know someone who needs immediate assistance, feel free to contact American Alternative Court Services. Our services have a proven record of helping individuals with a comprehensive, and personalized assessment and directing them towards living healthy lives. 

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