Supplementary DOT-Qualified SAP Post: Simplifying Pre-Employment Checks: A Guide to Recent Regulatory Updates

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Today, we’re here to inform you about significant changes affecting pre-employment investigations regarding drug and alcohol program violations. Effective beginning in 2023, there are pivotal shifts that streamline the process for motor carriers and employees alike.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation


No More Part 382 Questions


One of the noteworthy changes is the elimination of certain inquiries on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) safety performance history request. This update means motor carriers will no longer need to ask former employers about Part 382 violations.


Understanding Part 382


Part 382, a component of Title 49 in the Code of Federal Regulations, pertains explicitly to controlled substances and alcohol use in testing. According to FMCSA, this regulation aims to establish programs designed to prevent accidents and injuries resulting from the misuse of alcohol or controlled substances by drivers of commercial motor vehicles.


Safety Performance Histories Remain Essential


Motor carriers will still need to reach out to a driver’s previous FMCSA employers from the past three years for the following verifications:


General employment details: This Verification typically confirms the employee’s tenure, dates of employment, vehicles operated, and related information over the preceding three years and also encompasses accidents, which will now appear on the former employer’s accident register.


The employee verification will also include other accidents not considered DOT-related crashes that the former employer is willing to provide. And although it’s not mandated, it may give insight into minor incidents and reveal unsafe driving patterns.


Employers now also have the option to include additional questions on the inquiry, as long as they are permissible and comply with state and federal employment laws.


Other DOT Testing Violations


When an applicant has worked in a transportation mode other than highway in the past three years and was subject to DOT testing (e.g., rail, transit, pipeline, air, or maritime positions), motor carriers must contact former employers directly to ask the necessary questions. Violations in these non-highway modes require the return-to-duty process and follow-up tests.


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Supplementary DOT-Qualified SAP Post: Exploring the Advantages of DOT Qualified & DISA Qualified SAP Programs

In the realm of the Department of Transportation (DOT), stringent regulations govern various aspects, encompassing drug testing and safety protocols. With this being given, We are delighted to introduce you to our latest offerings: DOT-Qualified and DISA-Qualified SAP Programs. These meticulously curated programs are crafted to ensure not only the compliance of your workforce but also the realization of your organizational objectives.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluations


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DISA, or the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association, has established uncompromising standards to sustain a drug-free work environment. Our DISA Qualified SAP Programs are tailored to guarantee your organization’s alignment with these stringent regulations, down to state and local levels of compliance. Through our partnership, we can engender a safer, more secure, healthier, and more productive workplace while reducing exposure to non-compliance liabilities.


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