What are the objective of SAP Evaluation?

What are the objective of SAP Evaluation?

What Are The Objective Of A SAP For Evaluation?

If you are driving commercially, you must know the rules of the Department of Transportation and comply with them. Unless violation of rules can lead to multiple consequences, like after driving drunk, you might require an SAP.

But, before that, you must know what an SAP for DOT is according to the rules. Department of transportation strictly advises being evaluated by the substance abuse professional before returning to duty.

The objective of Evaluation by SAP 

  • Substance use professionals are licensed professionals certified by the government to diagnose individuals with alcohol and drug abuse.
  • The professionals are certified to have the knowledge of treatment and accurate diagnosis of the substances like alcohol and drug and the disorders associated with such controlled substances.
  • The main goal of the professional is to give you the report at the end of your assessment after all the mandate process. And, this report plays the essential role while returning back to duty.
  • The employers and the court much require a report of your improvement in the aspect of substance usage. You can’t satisfy either of them without the help of a certified SAP for DOT.
  • The goal of the SAP is to identify the driver who has violated the rules by the Department of Transportation. So, there is no way you should avoid this if you want to go back to driving commercially.
  • Court and Employers accept the report because of the surprise follow-up and authenticity of the report by testing the individual frequently. The test needs to be completed successfully for getting the positive report by the SAP.

What Questions Your SAP Can Ask You In Evaluation?

The questions are not to judge you, so make sure you advise them honestly. Your SAP will be the guardian who could help you to cure your problem without any hassles. For example, might you get the following questions in the SAP evaluation?

  • What is acting as the barrier for you to stop the abuse of alcohol or drugs use?
  • How would you like to improve the problems faced in the program of risk reduction?
  • What have you learnt by now in the treatment? , etc.

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