What Happens After DUI Conviction?

What Happens After DUI Conviction?

DUI Class

In case of the charges for driving under the influence of the prohibited substance. The individual requires to attend DUI Class and DUI Evaluation mandatorily. The DUI program are similarly provided in the school but make sure you follow the procedures as a guide be the professional.

Your evaluator assigns the level of risk for the likelihood of happening the same action again.

The evaluators are licensed professionals. The classification of the levels of risk are from minimal to high risk. And, the report is submitted to the judge, then you are assigned for the length of treatment or the consequences of the act according to the judge’s order.

The level of risks classified by evaluators are –

  1. Minimal Risk

You are assigned with minimal risk when your blood alcohol content is less than 0.15, no dependence on the substance used, and zero antecedents of DUI cases. The judge might give you the order to complete DUI risk education for at least 10 hours.

  1. Moderate Risk

Moderate risk is when your BAC is high only in the current situation, except the two conditions are similar to minimal risk. But, in this, you might have to follow a treatment or care plan mandatorily. Along with, minimum of 10 hours and early intervention of a minimum of 12 hours for the period of a minimum of four weeks. It shouldn’t exceed three hours each day consecutively for seven days.

  1. Significant Risk

When you have past symptoms of substance abusing and in the instant case, you have BAC of equal or higher than 0.20. You might get DUI risk education attending for a minimum of 10 hours. An active participation in the continual care plan even after attending the alcohol or drug treatment of at least 20 hours.

  1. High Risk

When you have faced two convictions for DUI within ten years and have symptoms of substance dependency, you might get the orders of admitting yourself to a treatment facility. Along with the completion of a minimum of 75 hours of drug or alcohol treatment. With a continual care plan participating as assigned.

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