What Happens in the FVIP Program?

What Happens in the FVIP Program?

Family Violence Intervention Program

Are you suffering from a violent spouse or family member? Even if they are abusing or assaulting you verbally, you should not ignore this. Find a Family Violence Intervention Program –FVIP, the program is specially formed to help such cases.

And, if you are thinking that you are the only one who is facing the same problem and feeling scared to report this. Don’t be scared; domestic violence is never the fault of the victim. Violence can happen to anyone, and it does not mean you are at fault. So, don’t be scared and speak up again the violence and abuse. Avoiding the problem can expose you to the severe danger of physical abuse too.

What Happens In A FVIP?

The program is formed by the commission for family violence to help the victim. And you need not be scared about your safety after you enroll on the program. In the program, there are certified professionals who prioritize your safety.

In many domestic violence cases, the court may give you the order for getting a Family Violence Intervention Program. In an FVIP, even the doer/offender of domestic abuse or violence has the opportunity to improve themselves.

Here for 24 weeks offender or the doer get the proper assistance of taking the accountability and going through rehabilitation. Usually, the curriculum has classes that deal with trigger and behavior assessment which leads to violence.

The objective of FVIP remains constant to ensure that the family members, spouse, or the children, whoever was inflicted with the danger of violence, is safe. And, most importantly it has evident results. After attending FVIPs, the previous offenders have not committed the same offense or violent behavior.

When you take the Family Violence Intervention Program, they don’t only assess the offense. It also has a provision to track the development record. The victims are usually visited or tracked in a meeting about the updates of the offender on their behavior.

This makes sure you are not inflicted to danger anymore. So if you are hesitating about the program, don’t worry. Seek help, don’t face the violence. We are here to help you.

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