#1 Atlanta DUI Evaluation(s) and Classes-30067

#1 Atlanta DUI Evaluation(s) and Classes-30067

DUI Evaluation

A DUI evaluation is like any other form of medical advice. They usually last from one hour to ninety minutes. During the assessment, you will speak with an addiction specialist, who will ask you various questions about your current and past habits.

You may be asked to complete a questionnaire, such as an Inventory of Alcohol Consumption. Your reviewer may also ask about your personal relationships and work history. This is normal because it helps them get to know you better and helps them learn if alcohol or drug use is affecting some aspect of your life.

Along with that, you may also get a mental health check to find out if you have any underlying health problems that are affecting your ability to avoid the effects of driving while under the influence. Once all information has been collected, the evaluator will review it along with other factors that may support an appropriate DUI evaluation. Finally, they will compare the results, and if you are at risk for a substance abuse problem or have another DUI,  you may be referred for further treatment.

These are just a few questions to make sure you have answers to prior to starting your DUI Clinical Evaluation. DUI Clinical Evaluations can change in a few circumstances. Dependent on the state where you reside if you have more than one DUI in a certain span of time you may have to undergo a Multiple DUI Clinical Evaluation. Another scenario you can find yourself in is if you have received a DUI in a state other than the one where you reside. If this is the case you will need to undergo an Out-of-State DUI Clinical Evaluation which is far more lengthy and costs significantly more than a regular DUI Clinical Evaluation.

A DUI Clinical Evaluation is typically the only route to getting your license back if it has been suspended for a DUI. This is usually just one of many stipulations that are given to you in order to qualify for your license once more. DUI Clinical Evaluation recommendations come in many forms but are normally in the form of a span of time needed to be completed in an ASAM Level I treatment program. DUI’s are dissimilar to other infractions because the amount of treatment you have to complete is normally a length of time as opposed to a number of sessions or classes that need to be completed.

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