Alcohol and Drug Evaluation-30067

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation-30067

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

Substance abuse and addiction can play a significant part in an individual’s everyday life. These conditions have negative influences on so many levels and should be taken seriously. They can go so far as to cause damage to relationships, the mind, the body, productivity, and creativity. When drug and alcohol abuse gets out of control, an individual can even find themselves engaging in activities and behaviors that could endanger their health and the safety of those around them. When a substance abuse disorder gets to this point, help is needed, whether by choice, a law requirement, or intervention organized by friends, family, and other loved ones. The next best step would be to seek an alcohol and drug evaluation or assessment.

The Purpose

The primary purpose of an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Georgia is to comprehensively assess any symptoms present in an individual regarding alcohol and drug use. After taking a deeper look into the symptoms present, the evaluation will determine whether these symptoms constitute an addictive disease or co-occurring psychiatric disorder. Think of an alcohol and drug evaluation as a tool used by doctors and addiction specialists to assess the level and extent of an individual’s drug, alcohol, and other addictive substance abuse and misuse. The evaluation will also serve as the primary reference point in determining how the addiction specialists will approach treating and rehabilitating an individual to achieve the best possible level of success. In many cases, treatment for such problems can only begin after an evaluation has been conducted.

The Administration

An Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Marietta is confidentially administered on an outpatient basis in a private setting. This ensures that all information is kept confidential and reserved only for exclusive use in treatment recommendations. Different experts and professionals have been trained to provide drug and alcohol assessments—social workers, therapists, psychologists, counselors, nurses, and doctors. Alcohol and drug evaluations Atlanta allows these professionals to assess addictive behaviors for various substances, including methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, alcohol, etc. Virtually every aspect of an individual’s substance abuse history and contributing factors will be considered during the evaluation process. This includes medical history, mental health, social life, interpersonal relationships, occupation, family ties, education, and legal history. This is all made possible through standardized psychometric tests, answers to interview questions, medical history reports, and previous psychiatric or psychological assessments.

The Process

There is so much helpful information and insight to be gained from an alcohol and drug evaluation; the process is pretty straightforward. Most alcohol and drug evaluation georgia include intake forms with pre-screening assessments and questionnaires followed by a one-on-one interview. Like visiting the doctor’s office for a routine check-up or physical, intake forms must be completed before the evaluated person can meet with their evaluator. You will be asked to provide basic personal background information and fill out a standardized questionnaire about your current alcohol or drug use, your health history, your behavioral patterns, any symptoms you are experiencing, and the effects of the substance on your life. This “screening” phase is a preliminary evaluation that gives the evaluator a brief overview of the situation that warrants a more in-depth look. Several types of questionnaires can be used in the screening process. The most commonly used are Alcohol Use Inventories (AUI) and Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventories (SASSI).

The next step includes meeting with an appointed clinician or medical professional for a face-to-face interview. The interviewer will ask standard and open-ended questions to ensure they receive information that’s over and beyond what’s been provided in pre-screening questionnaires. This allows them to cross-examine and find out more about your habits and patterns regarding substance use. You can expect questions about your family history; this determines whether any of your family members have had alcohol or drug dependence issues. Alcohol and Drug dependency is believed to be hereditary. If any member of your family falls into this category, there’s a possibility that this may have negatively influenced you. You can also expect questions about consumption; how much of a given substance you consume and the frequency in which the substance is consumed. Studies have shown that those who started abusing substances early are more likely to have consumption problems later. You can also expect questions about how the consumption of alcohol and drugs affects your work, family, and personal life. The greater the effect, the greater the likelihood that an underlying substance abuse issue is present. There will even be questions about your readiness to change. The interviewer will ask about what you learned from the alcohol and drug evaluation experience and if you have a desire to change your habits in any way. We realize that being asked numerous questions about one’s personal life and practices can feel overwhelming. Still, one should consider that completing an alcohol and drug evaluation decatur will be an essential first step to receiving a proper diagnosis.

The Outcome

Following the comprehensive interview process, the evaluation will conclude with an individualized diagnosis and written report, including suggested counseling options if it is determined that there is an existing alcohol and drug problem. If appropriate, this intervention phase can include a referral to an addiction treatment program. Treatment recommendations will not be the same for each individual; they will be personalized based on an individual’s unique history, current situation, strengths, and needs.

The Conclusion

An alcohol and drug evaluation does not have to be an intimidating experience; it can be very positive and life-changing. The conversation you will have with your evaluator can be viewed as an opportunity to learn more about addiction and find the tools and resources needed for rehabilitation. Alcohol and drug evaluation georgia provide professional treatment recommendations that can assist an individual in obtaining education and therapy around their alcohol and drug issues—being able to recognize the presence of a problem is the first step in working towards a resolution. Lastly, an alcohol and drug evaluation can also be an eye-opening experience for both the individual and their loved ones; it offers a compelling and undeniable case for the pursuance of sobriety.

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