Alcohol and Drug Evaluation(s) ($89) in Atlanta, Decatur, Marietta

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation(s) ($89) in Atlanta, Decatur, Marietta

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

A technique for evaluating substance usage is drug and alcohol assessment. These assessments can assist uncover substance misuse problems and can reveal if you have used drugs or alcohol within a certain time period.

You could discover that a prospective employer stipulates that you pass a drug and alcohol test before starting work. These drug evaluations are occasionally used by lawyers to bolster claims made by claimants and defendants alike.

A Alcohol and Drug Evaluation may occasionally be used by addiction treatment facilities to determine the best degree of care for you.

In addition, courts may order drug and alcohol tests in the wake of illegal drug or alcohol use, such as a DUI.

The usage of drug and alcohol examinations is widespread, but what can you anticipate from one of these tests?

What exactly is a drug and alcohol assessment?

An assessment for drugs and alcohol can help identify the following:

  • Alcoholism (alcohol use disorder) (alcohol use disorder).
  • Drug dependency (substance use disorder).
  • The extent and seriousness of substance usage.
  • Two diagnoses (co-occurring mental health conditions like anxiety or depression).
  • Your life’s overall effects of drug or alcohol use.
  • Components are necessary for a successful treatment strategy.
  • In order to diagnose the issue and provide treatment recommendations, drug and alcohol screenings closely examine the level of substance use.

The following is what an evaluation will consider:

  • substance class that is used
  • applied dose
  • Frequency of use

It will be simpler for the assessor to give a thorough account of the history of alcohol or drug use as a result.

Additionally, drug and alcohol testing can help treatment specialists decide on the best strategy to solve the particular issue at hand.

These two key components are frequently included in evaluations:

Screening: The investigator of the examination determines whether a problem exists during the initial screening phase.

The analytical stage of evaluation is called the assessment. Drug testing is usually required at this point.

These extra stages are also included in certain evaluations:

Follow-up: A follow-up visit is scheduled when therapy or counseling is deemed required. Whether or whether this appointment is made will depend on the screening’s results and the alcohol and drug evaluation that follows. The follow-objective is to assess the person’s development.

Referral: At the conclusion of a drug and alcohol examination, the subject may get a referral for a treatment program, treatment facility, or counselor. This advice will depend on the results of the evaluation procedures stated above.

Instead of viewing a drug and alcohol screening as a terrifying need, think of this conversation with a doctor as an opportunity to learn more about addiction.


Atlanta alcohol and drug evaluations differ greatly from one another. At aacsatlanta.com, they take great delight in only suggesting treatment to individuals who actually need it. Their experienced counselors are knowledgeable about the most recent drug and addiction recovery techniques. They make use of this information to provide the most suitable intervention to those who require it.

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