Alcohol and Drug Evaluation near me | Marietta-Georgia

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation near me | Marietta-Georgia

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

An individual and an addictions counselor will conduct a substance use evaluation, sometimes referred to as an alcohol and drug evaluation near me. The process’s objective is to determine whether or not a person’s alcohol and/or drug consumption is a problem. Alcohol and drug usage may be broken down into three categories: social use, use, and dependency. Social drinking and drug usage are very prevalent in our culture. Those people regularly consume alcohol and drugs, frequently but not always in excess. Although their lives are typically going well, they frequently have negative effects from their alcohol or drug use, which may have an impact on their relationships, health, legal status, or employment.

What Situations Call for a Substance Use Evaluation?

There are three apparent instances that may need a substance addiction examination, while an alcohol and drug evaluation can be conducted whenever there is a concern. These circumstances are:

Legal circumstances that involve the person in a judicial proceeding include:

  • Driving While Able Is Not
  • DUI Driving While Intoxicated (DWAI) Custody issues Arrests for other offenses while the offender was drunk

What does an alcohol and drug evaluation serve?

To assess whether or whether a person has an alcohol or drug problem, an alcohol and drug evaluations is performed. These assessments may be carried out for both legal and medical purposes. When determining the optimal course of therapy, the substance addiction counselor will ascertain whether a person is dependent on alcohol or other substances.

Depending on a person’s present condition, the evaluation procedure typically lasts an hour and a half. You will be questioned about your drug usage, medical conditions, and interpersonal interactions. The healthcare practitioner may also obtain data from your family or past medical records, among other sources. There may be a number of surveys you must complete.

Assessing a person’s substance use’s effects on their health, relationships, and social functioning is part of the alcohol and drug evaluation process. This aids the treatment team in comprehending the needs and thinking of the substance user.

A person must be ready to offer thorough information in order for an alcohol and drug evaluation to be successful. The interviewer will enquire about your medical and psychological background, including any diagnosis, current, and past medicines, and medical history. Additionally, social history questions on employment, volunteer activities, and family and marriage will be asked.

The assessment will reveal if a person is susceptible to substance misuse. If so, it will be advised that they go to drug and alcohol rehab. A court-appointed probation officer will keep track of the patient’s treatment progress if there is a pending legal prosecution. Based on ASAM Patient Placement criteria, the degree and duration of therapy are determined.


The appropriate course of action for those who are battling with alcohol or drug usage is determined through a thorough procedure called an alcohol and drug evaluation. Finding a knowledgeable expert who can do a complete examination and create a successful treatment plan is crucial. People who are battling with drug misuse can overcome their addiction and live better, happier lives with the correct help. Please call us at 1-800-683-7745 or visit www.aacsatlanta.com for further information.

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