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Alcohol and Drug Evaluations | AACS Atlanta | Georgia

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

An online alcohol and drug evaluation is offered to help people who may or may not have a problem with substance usage, as well as those who went a bit beyond on a Friday night. This time, the evaluation is conducted by video conference.

You will be asked via an online questionnaire and video interview about your past drug or alcohol usage as well as your medical history as part of the examination. The outcomes of this examination will subsequently be used to evaluate your treatment choices.

You may utilize an online assessment to find the conventional treatment options that are best for you if you’re battling an alcohol or drug addiction.

The Remote Online Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Procedure

An online assessment might be a good option if you take drugs or have ever been accused of doing so. The evaluation is carried out online by a different examiner. They’ll be reachable via phone or video chat, so you can talk to them.

After completing the questionnaire, you will be interviewed to learn more about your medical history, your family’s medical history, and any recent substance use (if any).

They will ultimately prescribe a course of therapy based on your individual requirements, as well as suggest medical professionals and other treatment options.

The Typical alcohol and drug evaluation Steps:

The intended patient’s safety and well-being come first. In order to guarantee that the client with a drug use problem receives the proper treatment and suggestions, the person doing the assessment wants to concentrate on accuracy.

The medical history and case notes from other specialists may not be included in the first Alcohol and drug evaluation. The client can sign an ROI (release of information) once they are stable and receiving the proper degree of treatment so that other experts and organizations can gather the relevant documents. Because of this, evaluations continue long after admission, and treatment plans are modified in response to new information and assessments. A client with a drug use issue may require inpatient detoxification so they may be monitored medically throughout the procedure.

If used without medical supervision, substances like alcohol and benzodiazepines can cause convulsions and even death. The client’s treatment team can then perform continuous evaluations to meet the client’s requirements in other areas once this crucial decision has been made.

Based on the client’s progress or lack thereof during treatment, assessments are regularly modified. Clinicians prefer concrete evidence of change rather than merely hearing about it. After someone has started therapy, ongoing assessments are frequently given in an effort to aid with recovery.


Online assessments may be an excellent choice if you or someone you know needs to be evaluated for alcohol or drug misuse. The judiciary will accept remote internet drug and alcohol assessments. Aacsatlanta encourages you to contact the provider if you have more concerns about how online alcohol and drug evaluation marietta tests operate in order to understand more about their procedure. For further information, please contact us by phone at 1-800-683-7745 or visit our website at www.aacsatlanta.com.

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