Atlanta Mental Health Evaluation

Atlanta Mental Health Evaluation

Mental Health Evaluation

When things begin to change and impact your mental health, it is not always easy to identify the source of the problem. You might start to feel isolated in the world, with no one to listen to your thoughts. When situations like this occur, mental health evaluations are available to provide guidance and a sense of direction. Mental Health evaluation Atlanta enables counselors, psychologists, and other licensed professionals to understand how people think, reason, feel and remember things.

A mental health professional can use a series of questions and tests to diagnose various mental health disorders. Co-occurring substance use disorder is frequently associated with mental health in determining whether a mental health condition exists. The most common illnesses that can be diagnosed through a mental health evaluation Decatur include depression, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse and addictive disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and psychotic disorders.

The earlier you detect a mental health problem, the better your chances of preventing it from worsening or occurring at all. When a sudden drop in functionality and daily activities is observed, it can cause great concern among family members or loved ones. Along with this, some people notice changes in their sleeping patterns and eating habits. Other signs and symptoms of the need for a mental health evaluation Marietta include a loss of desire, mood changes, paranoia, and feelings of disconnection from your surroundings.

Depending on where you choose to have your assessment, you may find yourself working with various mental health professionals during your evaluation. Psychiatrists can diagnose and treat mental health disorders and prescribe medication. Psychologists hold doctoral degrees and, in some cases, medical degrees that allow them to diagnose and treat conditions with prescribed medicines. Licensed social workers can also assist you because they have received mental health education Georgia and training. Even though they cannot prescribe medication, they frequently collaborate with providers who can.

Licensed professional counselors can provide counseling on various mental health issues and collaborate with medication providers. You can expect mental health evaluation Marietta to be conducted professionally and in a setting, regardless of the type of evaluator, you encounter. You can come into a mental evaluation fully relaxed because the purpose of the assessment is to assist your licensed professional in understanding your mental health needs to determine appropriate treatment planning geared toward a path to recovery.

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