DUI School-Risk Reduction Program Georgia

DUI School-Risk Reduction Program Georgia

DUI School

You might see people talking about a DUI School Atlanta-Risk Reduction course or Program these days. It is a court-ordered intervention program for those convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Possession of Illegal Drugs, Underage Possession of Alcohol While Operating a Motor Vehicle, or Boating Under the Influence (BUI). The assessment component is the first portion of this course. A 130-question comprehensive screening tool will be given to participants to assess the amount of an individual’s alcohol and drug usage and its impact on driving.

The intervention component is administered once the evaluation component has been completed. This component is a 20-hour course broken down into numerous sessions over several days. Because the courses are presented in a group setting, you will not be alone during this part of the DUI School Marietta– risk reduction program. The intervention component aims to provide therapeutic education and peer group counseling on the effects of alcohol and drug use on driving.

Education therapy sessions are held in groups to help people comprehend the common challenges and issues that others may face due to driving while intoxicated. This is a tried-and-true method of assisting a person in recognizing substance misuse issues or triggers that may go unnoticed in their daily lives. Videos and lectures can also help people understand the broader picture of how alcohol affects the body and mind. To get a Certificate of Completion, students must complete both components of a risk reduction program.

DUI School Decatur -Risk Reduction Programs emphasize the significance of making better life decisions and avoiding situations that could lead to a repeat DUI offense in the future. Students are provided with many circumstances as they are guided toward making the best and most responsible decision. As you proceed through the risk reduction program, you will encounter numerous real-life and real life-changing points and highlights. Counselors and facilitators will also discuss recognizing triggers, surrounding oneself with the proper people, and the severe consequences of future DUI crimes.

Many attendees may hurry to get out of the program due to the high expense of classes and the amount of time they take up over a course of several days, but focusing on how much information can be gained can lead to a more significant shift in making our roadways safer places to drive. The best thing you can do for yourself or a loved one is to take advantage of all the things that a DUI School Georgia -risk reduction program has to offer before it’s too late. They exist to inform offenders about the severe and long-term repercussions of DUI, hoping that they will think twice before getting behind the wheel the next time they are arrested.

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