Everything you need to know about SAP for DOT

Everything you need to know about SAP for DOT


Substance abuse may be a preeminent problem and has become a plague in parts of the country, and only an SAP for DOT can help resolve it. However, many of us employ in safety-sensitive jobs where substance use isn’t permitted. Most of those safety-sensitive employees will undergo random drug and/or alcohol testing.

If an employee tests positive for substance use, the DOT requires that they undergo evaluations with an abuse Professional (SAP) to return to duty. The job of an SAP is essential to public safety because it assists people who are employed by companies mandated by the Department of Transportation and perform safety-sensitive tasks, like driving public transportation.

What are the Steps in misuse Professional Training?

The first thing to ask if you would like to be an SAP is, “What does a misuse Professional (SAP) do?” For example, an SAP could be a clinician that evaluates employees that have violated DOT regulations by testing positive for drugs/alcohol and makes recommendations for treatment or education.

A drug abuse Professional is an advocate for public safety and is qualified only after following the wants published by the DOT.

A DOT SAP educational program and test must be completed and passed so as for you to become a certified abuse Professional.

Substance Abuse Professional Training

There is plenty that goes into becoming an SAP. However, since this position requires knowledge of DOT rules and regulations, it’s not something that ought to be taken lightly. For somebody with experience working with a drug abuse population, the DOT training and test mustn’t be daunting.

The training will help to organize you for the exam. SRS has aligned themselves with a company that has had their test validated by a test evaluation organization.

The training will facilitate your study, understand what it takes to become a drug abuse Professional and be effective in doing so. This can be a foothold that’s in demand and may make a difference in many lives.

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