Substance abuse professional (SAP) is a person who is authorized to assess the employee who has violated DOT drug rules and regulations. SAP for DOT is also responsible for prescribing the correct knowledge, treatment, post-treatment routine to the employee.

Role of SAP for DOT

Based on the decision of SAP, the employer decides whether the employee can be given the permission to handle the vehicle or not. The employee who has violated the laws cannot be permitted to drive the school bus, train or car. As a SAP for DOT, making correct evaluation is important for public interest and safety.

What is the return-to-duty process for the employee?

Department of Transportation has listed out certain guidelines related to drugs and alcohol especially for the driver to ensure safety of the public. If the employee has violated the rules and wants to return back to the work, then he has to successfully clear the assessments and treatment given by the SAP:

  • A face to face assessment of the employee is done with the SAP for DOT. The professional can ask the questions and understand the psychology behind the violation of regulation.
  • After a discussion, the SAP guides the employee about the side-effects of the drugs and explains the treatment procedure in detail.
  • The recommendations given by the SAP are sent to the employer. This is important for the employer to be updated with the status of the treatment.
  • SAP keeps a check on the progress of the plan that is chalked out for the employee.
  • When everything goes according to plan, the SAP for DOT again conducts a face to face assessment with the person. If everything is successful and verified, the report will be sent to the employer. In this way the person gets the return-to-duty order.

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