Family Violence Intervention Program(S) GA

Family Violence Intervention Program(S) GA

Family Violence Intervention Program

The Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP) is the certified program that is focused on the safety of the family violence victims and improvement/ rehabilitation of violent offenders, simultaneously. It aims at maintaining the cordial relationship between the couples and removing any kind of violence be it, physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or behavioral that pertains between them or is inflicted, on any other family member, be it, physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or behavioral.
Domestic violence is common to every second household. The U.S has been witnessing a sharp rise in the number of murders of women committed during the argument between the couples and also, increase in the mental abuse of teenagers resulting from family violence. It destroys the home and affects the very foundation of the family and the home. We believe that no one deserves to be abused or threatened whether mentally or physically. Thus, our FVIP solely aims at providing the professional help needed to any extent to prevent the destruction of households and thereby reduce the abuse of victims. We help the abuser understand the reason behind his behavioral issues and the violence inflicted by him/her which may be due to drug abuse, alcoholism, jealousy, or low self-esteem.
The program may be suggested by the court orders as against the defendant as when a protective order is issued against family violence wherein the defendant is asked to participate in an FVIP. The program focuses on increasing the accountability of the offender and helps in the protection and safety of the victim irrespective of their color, caste, age, gender, or socio-economic background.
Most of our clients are court-ordered as the condition of probation however, others are referred by the Office of Community Services or self-referred individuals who recognize that they are undergoing domestic violence issues in their relationships and, they wish to learn the power and control issues to improve their relationships.

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