Family Violence Intervention Program(s) GA

Family Violence Intervention Program(s) GA

Family Violence Intervention Program

Family violence can be psychological abuse or battery between any members of a household.  It occurs when one person uses force to inflict injury, either emotional or physical, upon another person they have, or had, a relationship with. The involved individuals are related by blood, marriage or intimate partners.  A family violence intervention program aims to end a debilitating cycle of violence in families by empowering individuals to maintain independence in a violence-free lifestyle. As a response to domestic violence and in providing an alternative to violence in a familial setting, a family violence intervention program is led by trained professionals who teach identification of abusive behaviors and appropriate responses to those triggers. The court may determine that a defendant convicted of a violent domestic crime undergo such a program for rehabilitation. A program in which abusers are held accountable for their acts of domestic violence may be the first or final step to leading a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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