How Do You Get a Court Ordered Drug or Alcohol Assessment?

How Do You Get a Court Ordered Drug or Alcohol Assessment?

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Marietta is conducted with the purpose of identifying and analyzing if an individual under evaluation is suffering from alcohol or any sort of substance abuse issue. It is followed by analyzing the level of counseling and intervention needed if an individual is found to be going through some issue or addiction. Alcohol and Drug assessment is conducted for the non-DUI individuals i.e. the ones going through medical issues, or when ordered by the court for reasons given by different authorities like judges or law enforcement agencies to assess the extent of a person’s level of addiction to such substances.

Our team of professionals is highly skilled in behavioral and cognitive skills who will help you reach the honest results of whether you actually need some further counseling or treatments for alcohol addiction or any sort of drug treatment.

The overall alcohol and drug evaluation is carried through the stages of screening (to find if the person is actually going through the problem), then the assessment, to find out the nature of the problem the alcoholic or drug abuser is going through, thus, followed by the remedy needed in the form of rehabilitation or counseling. This helps in understanding the current status as well as the history of the patient under evaluation to reach the conclusion of whether his problem is only substance abuse or physiological/psychiatric as well. The assessment is a deep-rooted process conducted by our professionals who are experienced in their field for over 25 years. 

This alcohol and drug evaluation georgia helps us to develop a remedial program for the treatment of the person with a specific drug or alcohol addiction.

Since we are certified by the court as well as the state, we also conduct evaluations for DUI.

For extensive information please check out www.aacsatlanta.com or please call us at 1-800-683-7745.

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