How does RRP work?

How does RRP work?

How does RRP work

Here is a step by step guide to the working of this program and the curriculum it covers:

The first step in the program is a standardized assessment that is done to measure the level of involvement with alcohol or any other drugs. It is best if the person gives the assessment honestly.

After this assessment, a 20-hour RRP curriculum is covered in 3 days. The curriculum intends to bust the common misconceptions about the effect of drugs and alcohol on the body, by discussing some real-life traumatic experiences of people. You will be shown evidence-based information collected through research. You won’t even know where the three days will pass.

Once you complete this syllabus, a certificate will be issued, which can be used for probation or license reinstatement, whatever your requirement will be.

The program can be an easy and beneficial start to your safe driving. People who take part in the program always come out satisfied.

American Alternative Court Services (AACS) is a group of professionals with 25-years of experience helping change lives by running such programs. Get yourself enrolled in their Risk Reduction Program today for safe driving.

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