Ill effects of alcohol and drugs

Ill effects of alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

It should come as no surprise that drugs and alcohol can have adverse effects on your life. Although sometimes it will be challenging to imagine, the abuse of those substances can change everything from your body to your checking account.

So, before you reach for that bottle or that pipe, do not ditch these harmful effects of the negligence of Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Georgia.


Drug abuse can cause abnormal heart rates and heart attacks, and injecting drugs may result in collapsed veins and infections in your heart valves.

Some drugs also can stop your bones from growing correctly, while others end in severe muscle cramping and general weakness. Using drugs over an extended period of your time also will eventually damage your kidneys and your liver.


When you are under the influence of medicine or alcohol, you will forget to interact in sexual activity practices. Sharing the needles wont to inject certain drugs can offer you diseases like hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and HIV. You will also spread common colds, the flu, and mono from sharing pipes and bongs.


Drug and alcohol abuse have adverse effects on your health and can have legal consequences that you will need to affect for the remainder of your life. In addition, refusing to offer up drugs could find yourself making you unemployed, which comes with even more issues.


Drugs and alcohol are expensive, especially when you are employing a lot and constantly. Drug abuse also impacts your productivity and success at work and in class. The time spent checking out, using and recuperating from drugs are often better spent learning new skills to advance your career.

The legal issues tied to drug use will increase your bills also. For example, your car and insurance rates may increase, and you will need to find how to buy arrest warrants, DUIs, and legal counsel.


If you employ drugs and alcohol, you are more likely to experience physical injury or be involved in car accidents. Even worse, you furthermore may have an increased risk of death through both suicide and homicide.

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